FIFA made me emotional

I don’t really think I can put in to words what it was like to travel to Dubai with Goliath Gaming. When I accepted the trip from them I did go in with a “business as usual” attitude. There was a small part of me that was intrigued as to how Thabo “YvngSavage0402” Moloi would handle it. It was his first overseas trip and his first time on a plane. However, I tried not to let my own emotional side get involved. The story seemed more than that – this was about South African FIFA players qualifying for a big global event – it wasn’t the feel good overseas for the first time narrative my head was silently whispering at me.

But, the world has a way of forcing you to listen to the whisper.

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The story ended up being the very thing I was trying to ignore. I felt it in my head for most of the weekend and then, today, I finally wrote it all down. It seems almost silly but I was inspired by a generation of journalists who wrote for Rolling Stone Magazine. I loved how their pieces dived into the psyche of their subjects and how they tried to paint pictures with words.  I tried to do the same and put into words my experiences and interactions with Thabo over the past few years. The full write up is now on Red Bull, you can click the image to read it:

thabo moloi

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