Interviewing my friend Tol Ass Mo about gaming

I met Tol Ass Mo at the Detective Pikachu movie premier. It was after the movie, he came over and started gushing about how he’d been following my esports career and how he was inspired. I remember not really knowing what to say. Tol Ass Mo was an incredible comedian, had a reality TV series – I was low key trying to keep my cool and not fan girl as he chatted.

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Since then we’ve stayed in touch. We’ve worked on various projects together and continued to share. We’ve chatted about gaming, gaming in South Africa and esports. I’ve learnt a lot from Mo and he has inspired me to change up what I do and use what I can for good. His focus on helping those can’t necessarily afford the fanciest rig or best new console has put a lot of my own work into perspective.

tol ass mo gamer

I had the chance to interview Mo for NAG recently. We kept the chat purely business focused but it was awesome to be able to share is vision and love for video games with a new audience who might not know about him. There’s also a bit in the article about what to expect at RUSH this year – which is happening at Rand Show as part of their Festival of Gaming. Click the image and you’ll be linked to the full interview:

tol ass mo gaming


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