Coronavirus: COVID-19 in South Africa – stopping the spread of misinformation

How to lessen your chance of getting the virus

Last Saturday I bought myself new pyjamas so naturally on Sunday I had to wear them the whole day. It’s in the Geneva Convention. Look it up. I treasure these days. I read a bit, listened to a podcast, caught up on series and started sorting out drawers. And then when it was time for bed, I got into different pyjamas. Basically I am nailing adulting. I also added Aragog to my Harry Potter Lego collection. Like I said, winning. And now here’s this week’s edition of Bytesized.

Ok Google, Let’s play a game

This is what I said to my Google Home this week while cooking and you can play Jeopardy! There is a new game every day and I was in my element. You can also play song quiz. I went with 90s and 2000s music. You get paired with someone else (don’t worry they can’t hear you or anything) and have to guess the artist and song name. You can also play with a group, which is what I’m definitely doing the next time I have people over for dinner.

Coronavirus: COVID-19

Firstly, make sure you get your info from credible sources. I never thought I’d be using a video of anything football related, but the Liverpool coach speaks the truth (don’t tell my significant other – he supports Man U).

Wash your hands properly and avoid touching your face. And not in the way Trump hasn’t touched his face – he says he hasn’t but has. On Camera. Multiple times.

Here’s how to wash your hands like a pro:

how to wash your hands properly

Stay at home if you are sick. I’ve never understood why people come to work when sick.

@thedailyshowRoy got the virus ##foryoupage ##fyp ##comedy ##dailyshow ##coronavirus♬ original sound – thedailyshow


Put things into perspective. It is serious, but don’t share misinformation. 

This map from the BBC hasn’t been updated to include the case in South Africa.

Coronavirus: the numbers 

Here are some surprising things that Covid-19 is having an effect on 

  • The latest James Bond movie will delay release (After the US, China is the biggest movie market)
  • It could even cause a shortage of Baby Yoda toys 
  • It is even trending on TikTok – the World Health Organization (WHO) even created an account!

Yoshi the turtle travelled over 37 000 km

1 Pic 2 Models

Since learning this, it’s what I think when I see a picture of a model. Guess Zoolander taught us something, hand modelling is kind of a big deal.

A public service announcement on birthdays

And if you don’t know how I feel about birthday months or weeks, read this.

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