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Original Phone Screen backgrounds from South Africa’s best gaming designers

My favourite thing to do is hunt down gorgeous new art and change up my Phone Lock Screen once a month. Right now my phone is rocking some original Borderlands 3 art design but I realised I needed a change. So the hunt for a rad new phone lock screen commenced. I wanted something that was fresh and fun. For the last while I’ve been following a bunch of South African designers on Twitter. They’re an incredible group of ladies who do some impressive design work, each with their own distinct style… they also happen to be gamers and all of them regularly stream their gameplay and design work.

Each of them has created a custom phone lock screen background just for you, which I’ve included in this post. You can simply save the image and use it. If you do, be sure to screen grab and share with your selected designer, so they can see their awesome work on display. Below are the four designs as well as a bit more information about each of these talented ladies.

Not only do you get a free phone screen background but you also have a host of options next time you need stream overlays, emotes or design work done.

4 Original Phone Screen backgrounds:


gaming designer


Pixel or Jo, as you might know her, has actually written on the blog before. She’s a digital illustrator who loves to create cute characters and emotes for her clients. Her passion though, is realism and fantasy style art. She dabbles in animation and 3D sculpting. Jo loves to learn new ways to create cool art. If you’d like to find out a bit more about Jo you can follow her on twitter or head to her website for more information on what she does and how to commission her.

gaming phone background


gaming designer

MissLadyJay is one of my favourite people to follow on social media. She’s also an incredibly talented competitive gamer. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing her before. MissLadyJay does a host of graphics with different designs and you’ve probably seen her work in various social media campaigns or on account headers. She’s never done logos and only started doing digital drawings a few weeks ago. MissLadyJay has been unemployed for a year and a half, she got in to design to earn some extra cash here and there, but now her design portfolio is growing. You can find out a bit more about her rad gaming career over on Twitter, else check out her design portfolio here. If you’re a Dark Souls Fan you’re going to love this:

gaming phone background


gaming designer

Haylstorm is one of my fav new “finds” of 2019/2020. Her content is wicked cool. She’s a qualified Graphic Designer and runs a freelance design business. She is also extremely active on Twitch where she streams her art commissions and then also does gaming streams. Her content is diverse and really fun. You’ll dig it. You can find out more about her streams by following her on Twitter, else you can take a look at her Website here. Hayls originally designed the piece you see below when she was a big Dota 2 fan. Ancient Apparition was one of her favourite characters and now she’s re-worked the design into an awesome Phone lock screen for you.

gaming phone background


gaming designer

I’ll never forget this crazy ball of energy barrelling in to me at the first ever Comic Con Africa and handing me a bunch of adorable stickers. That was my first face to face meeting with Vinx, who has become a staple across all of my social feeds. Vinx is this unique mix of super cool, quiet and sweet and bad ass. She’s not doing graphic design full time (yet) but does still do commissions after hours. She also has some really fun gaming streams. You can follow Vinx on Twitter here or check out the link to her commissions if you’re looking for Twitch Emotes or Sub Badges. Her Phone Screen is a design you’ll recognise because it was the one that really got Vinx’s design work on my radar. Check it out:

gaming phone background

I really wanted to do this piece to not only give you something cool for your phone but also to celebrate the talent of each of these ladies. Please be sure to let them know if you use their designs and share this post with your friends so we can see more of these designs on phones in ZA!

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