No the corona virus doesn’t have anything to with Corona beer (and other stupid things the internet said this week)

Can you believe it’s already the end of January? This month has gone by so quickly but I’ve managed to keep a good balance between doing things I want to, like reading, writing and napping and things like work. I hope to keep this up because I tend to be a bit of a workaholic. And now here’s Bytesized.

I watched The Goop Lab and here’s how it went

Last week I wrote about how I was excited to hate-watch The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow. I was even going to tweet about it while watching. That plan fell flat. Don’t get me wrong, I did watch it but it wasn’t as insane as I had hoped. It screams white privilege, but topics like micro-dosing, ice baths and ageing aren’t that out there. The Goop Lab never endorses anything and the series is more experimental. The warning at the beginning of every episode made me smile, they are not handing out any medical advice.

One of the most interesting was with sex therapist Betsy Dodson (who is 90 years old and doesn’t look it at all), who teaches women that there are a variety of vulvas and they are all normal. The last episode deals with psychic energy and even the Goop staffer wasn’t on board. The series is entertaining without trying to sell you anything. And while I still think Goop is crazy (although they are brilliant marketers), this show wasn’t goopy at all.

Check out the new emoji we’re getting this year

We’re getting a bubble tea emoji. And I got to drink bubble tea last weekend at the Nan Hua Chinese New Year celebration in Bronkhorstspruit. Coincidence?

new emoji 2020


This guy realises way too late that he is on camera & his reaction goes viral

His wife definitely knows now.


The Coronavirus has nothing to do with the Corona beverage

And yes I have to say that because apparently people are searching for it. Read this article by Quartz to find out all about the virus in a way that isn’t sensationalist.  (Quartz has an amazing newsletter called Quartz Obsession which takes a deep dive into interesting subjects like narwhals, rollercoasters as well as trending news topics. You can sign up and learn more here).

corona beer virus is not a thing


Tweets that made me laugh out loud this week

Enjoy your weekend now that you have a Backstreet Boys song stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

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