Best TV shows 2019

Who remembers the disappointment that was Game of Thrones? I don’t because I’m one of the few people who actually enjoyed the last season. It feels like years ago but was only in April. 2019 has had some good TV shows and here are some of them.

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These series got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

100% means that every critic who watched the series liked it.


The first two are on Amazon Prime, which I tested out because I really wanted to watch Good Omens (which you should absolutely watch) but never really saw a reason to continue. There has been a lot of buzz about Fleabag, so I may just have to sign up again.

  1. Fleabag
  2. Undone
  3. Barry
  4. Better Things

Top streamed shows 2019

According to TV Time, which is the world’s largest tracking platform for TV and movies, these are the top streamed shows of 2019. They are all on Netflix except for The Handmaid’s Tale. I’ve watched 6 of the 20.

tv times most streamed series of 2019

The top tv shows on IMDB according to their ranking 2019

When it comes to IMDB rankings, these are the shows that people really loved this year. I tried to watch Chernobyl and couldn’t really get into it. The Mandalorian only recently gave us Baby Yoda and it’s already a favourite. I still haven’t watched Stranger Things 3 yet because I know I will have to watch it all and then that’s like 2 days gone.

imdb top tv shows 2019

Here are some of my favourites for 2019

I love comedy, so remember that when you look at this list. Here they are in no particular order:


And Showmax has really come through with great HBO as well as other series.





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