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6 Gifts for Drivers and Commuters

Driving isn’t always a breeze. You can’t keep track of your keys, traffic is terrible and your center console is just a mess of cords and wires. If you’re shopping for a friend who has a super long commute or a family member who loves road trips, check out some of these gadgets and accessories.

Garmin Drive 52 & Live Traffic

6 gifts for drivers

Relying on your smartphone to help you navigate can be distracting and unsafe. The Garmin Drive 52 & Life Traffic is a GPS you can easily mount on your dashboard. The gadget provides detailed, easy-to-read maps and real-time traffic updates so you can get where you need to go. It can also lead you to the best-rated restaurants and hotels in town with a quick search.

Grab it for R 2599 at Garmin.

A Bluetooth Car Adapter

6 gifts for drivers

A Bluetooth receiver is the perfect gift for someone who loves to listen to music and podcasts on the go. By going wireless, you can clean up your car’s interior and focus on the road. Plug the device into your car’s auxiliary port or cigarette lighter socket. Then, you can connect your smartphone and play audio through your car’s speakers. Some even support phone calls and include USB ports for charging. 

Shop on Amazon to find a variety of Bluetooth car adapters from R 145 to R 363.

LoveHome Memory Foam Back Cushion

6 gifts for drivers

Sitting in your car for hours on end can get extremely uncomfortable. Luckily, there’s a simple fix — a back cushion! LoveHome’s Memory Foam Back Cushion is great for relieving lower- and mid-back pain. It’s constructed out of sturdy and supportive material that holds its shape. You can secure it on your seat with two straps, and if you ever spill your coffee or tea, you can remove and wash the cushion’s mesh cover. 

You can buy it in a variety of colours for under R 436 on Amazon.

Tile Mate

6 gifts for drivers

We’ve all been there — one minute your keys are in your pocket, the next they’re not. Avoid misplacing your valuables with Tile’s Mate tracker. Hook the Mate onto your keychain or keyring. If you can’t find your keys, tap the “find” button on Tile’s app, which will show you their location via a Bluetooth signal. Lost your phone? Just double press your Mate and your phone will ring, even if it’s on silent.

Find a four-pack on iStore for R 1099.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

6 gifts for drivers

It’s pretty much a given that long drives require refreshments. Whether you want to transport morning coffee or keep water cold, this stainless steel mug from Zojirushi can do it. The cup keeps your drinks at the temperature you want for hours. It’s sleek, durable and comes in a range of sizes and colors. It also has a wide-mouth opening, which is great for ice.

At around R 363, this is a steal on Amazon.

Adakiit Car Emergency Kit

6 gifts for drivers

If something goes wrong, you don’t want to feel blindsided. This compact roadside toolkit carries everything you need for an emergency car repair. From jumper-cables to a safety vest and flashlight, this kit has you covered. It comes in a zippable bag you can store in your trunk for easy access.

Check it out on Amazon for R 466.

Ready, Set, Drive

With these devices in your car, a long commute or journey will feel like it only takes minutes. If you have a friend or family member who spends a ton of time in the car, consider gifting them one of these gadgets this holiday season.

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