Two words: Baby Yoda

Every Friday I do a round up of all the internet news and funnies that I think you should know about. But today is the last Bytesized for this year and this decade (sorry I couldn’t resist). I’ll be back next year and who knows what crazy ish would have gone down by then? But for now, here’s what you may have missed.

When advertising goes wrong & viral (for your entertainment)

Peloton released this Christmas ad about a woman that is first scared by the fact that her man bought her an $2245 (R33k) exercise bike. The ad shows that 2019 was really her year because she exercised all the time. The ad is titled “The gift that gives back”. I like to think of the ad as the gift that keeps on giving because it is truly a WTF moment. Ryan Reynolds jumped at this and used the Peloton woman to make an ad for his gin, Aviation Gin.

Watch the original ad below


This ad is much funnier

Top searches of 2019

This year Sergey Brin & Larry Page announced they would be stepping down as CEO and President of Alphabet. What people search for says so much about them. Here’s what South Africans googled most.

Top trending questions

  1. Why were cornflakes invented?
  2. What time is the rugby world cup final?
  3. How many votes for a seat in parliament
  4. How did Cameron Boyce die?
  5. How long is a rugby match?
  6. What is Bosasa?
  7. What time do voting stations open?
  8. Who won the election in South Africa?
  9. What is media?
  10. What is teenage pregnancy?

Top ten trending searches

  1. Load shedding
  2. Election results
  3. Thanos
  4. IEC
  5. Fiona Viotti
  6. Black Friday Specials
  7. Gavin Watson
  8. Mark Batchelor
  9. Teacher’s Day
  10. Hoërskoel Driehoek

Baby Yoda

Disney failed to predict that Baby Yoda would be such a big thing. It’s so popular that there is even a petition to have a Baby Yoda emoji. Merch only became available a few days ago, but honestly, it looks like they took the same picture and stuck it on mugs, shirts and tote bags. Disney says they will be adding more to the collection. I’m just hoping they’ll add a Baby Yoda plushy. You can pre-order bobbleheads though.

And if you can’t wait, here’s how to make your own

These “Is there a doctor on this flight?” tweets are funny AF

Choose your career wisely.

And that’s a wrap for 2019. Thanks so much for reading Bytesized. It will be back next year. Have a great festive season dudes. 

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