The ultimate Tech Girl Gift List

I’ve always tried to keep the gift lists affordable here on the blog, because most of the really awesome stuff is beyond expensive and, during the festive season, most of us are looking for affordable options that won’t leave us bankrupt come January. Jade made a great list of gifts under R200 that is a life saver for awesome stocking fillers. I did also mention a few more expensive options in the last few weeks. The Harry Potter Pandora collection is amazeballs (and if you can’t buy online, there is stock in selected physical stores) while if you really want to splurge this year, the Louis Vuitton League of Legends capsule collection exists as well (but who has that sort of cash to spare?!). However, as we get closer to Christmas, I wanted to drop my ultimate Tech Girl Gift List. If you want to spoil the geek in your life, these are my 4 top picks for geek, gaming and gadgets gifts for 2019.

The Nerf Trilogy DS-15 Blaster

nerf trilogy DS-15

For the giant geek at heart this is the best toy you can possibly buy. For starters, it really is rather big, which makes it pretty fun to find under the tree. While we all know the Nerf Blasters, the Ds-15 takes it to a whole new level. The blaster is designed to fire three of those little foam bullets at once. It has a pump action shotgun type mechanism with loading cartridges. You load up the three foam bullets in the cartridges and then off you blast. As you shoot the cartridges will drop to the floor, so when you’re done you’ll need to pick them up to reload BUT the pump action, combined with the cartridges dropping and the bullets firing at the same time makes you feel like a literal bad ass. It has a short firing range, so no sniping opportunities, but that really doesn’t matter. It’s one of my favourite Nerf Blasters ever! It will set you back around about R600.

The Logitech G G502 Wireless Mouse

Logitech G G502 wireless

I’ve been using this mouse for a few months now and absolutely dig it. If you’d told me I’d be gaming with a wireless mouse I would have laughed at you, but this baby made the transition so smooth and I don’t even realise there isn’t a cable. I hardly ever have to charge this baby (it has an “official” battery life of up to 60 hours) and have found it to be one of the most comfortable I’ve had the luxury of using. Plus it has extremely fast response time and incorporates the Logitech G HERO sensor. It also was listed as one of TIME Magazine’s best inventions of 2019. A Logitech G G502 Wireless mouse will cost you around the R2000 mark.

Nintendo Switch Kickstand replacement

nintendo switch kick stand

A few weeks ago I did a YouTube video about increasing your Nintendo Switch memory. I was then told about the coolest little gadget accessory – the Nyko Kickstand Multipack. It’s a replacement kickstand for your current Switch, easy to put on and it includes a storage slot for a Micro SD. Basically, if your game library exceeds your first memory card you can carry around the second on the console and never be without. It’s a great little gift and a must have for any Switch owner. The packs are available on Amazon for $12 (so this is going to cost you less than R200… the shipping will likely cost more than the product!).

The HermanMiller Cosm Chair

hermanmiller cosm

Okay, hear me out, I really don’t think I’d actually ever buy a R40 000 desk chair (which is what the Cosm retails at). BUT, I have learnt that it is time to splurge a bit on your work chair. A few years back when gaming chairs became all the rage I was gifted one by a brand entering South Africa. I, like many others, thought gaming chairs were so damn cool. However, I’m not sure if it is just the brand of the chair I have, or gaming chairs in general, but I’ll never advise someone to buy a gaming chair again. This thing is uncomfortable over time, offers hardly any lumbar support and the longer I’ve had it the more I’ve realised it is rather cheaply made. Now my eyes are firmly set on a HermanMiller replacement. They make chairs, they get it. Rumour is they’ll enter the gaming space soon as well, but I’ll happily take a standard office chair at this point! It’s top of the list on my letter to Santa!

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