harry potter bracelet
harry potter golden snitch necklace and pandora charm bracelet

Pandora just dropped their Harry Potter range and it is magic!

Pandora has joined forces with Warner Bros. to release a collection of Harry Potter inspired charms, pendants and bracelets that are so cute while also showcasing that iconic Pandora style we all love.

Harry potter bracelet

It’s not secret that I’m a bit of a Pandora fan girl. I’ve shared my love for my own special charm bracelet before and have shared the launch of the Lion King range on the blog. I own 2 of my own special Disney charms as well. I found out about the Harry Potter range when it dropped in my inbox last week.

harry potter charms

The new range consists of 12 different items all inspired by our favourite Wizards and witches. It’s available in store and online. Just in time for the festive period, so great for gifts (wink wink nudge nudge).

harry potter necklace

The range is a mix of different offerings. Our favourite trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione are available as bracelet charms but you can also find the Hogwarts Houses insignia, a special charm of Hogwarts Castle and a charm of the Hogwarts Express (which even has “anything from the trolley, dears” engraved on the bottom).

harry potter necklace

My favourites though are the Dobby the House elf charm with a sock behind his back and the gorgeous Golden Snitch bracelet – which includes the Snitch as the clasp. There’s also a stunning Golden Snitch necklace if that is more your thing. The charms are priced from around R770 for the Hogwarts one to R979 for most of the others. Golden Snitch items are priced at R1599.

At the time of writing this the local Pandora website was listing all Harry Potter items as out of stock. 

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