You can pet a pig at the airport. This is not a drill.

Last weekend I slept so much, took numerous naps and did nothing. Usually, I feel really guilty when I don’t do anything productive, but not this time. My SO had to work over the weekend and only got in after 7pm so I had the house to myself. I binge watched series, watched lame movies and stayed in my pjs. Sometimes you just need to switch off have a little me time. And now here’s all the internet news you need to know about.

?✈️There is an airport comfort animal pig & I REALLY need to go to San Francisco now

Comfort animals are more of a thing in America – at least I think so. They are registered animals that help you and are usually allowed in areas where most animals are not. These are different from service animals. Comfort animals, for example, can be used to help to reduce anxiety.

Introducing LiLou the emotional support pig that hangs around at the San Francisco airport. I hate it when they put animals in clothes, but LiLou wears her hat so well. She also has red hoof polish. I love how happy everyone is because they got to pet LiLou.

Jim Jefferies illustrates how easy it is to register a comfort animal by registering Carl the Camel. You can watch the piece here. 

carl the emotional support camel

?The Office Cluedo is something I’m adding to my wish list

I love playing board games but still haven’t got Cluedo. There is a Harry Potter one that I’ve had my eye one, but then I saw that there is an Office themed one, where you have to find out who killed Toby. If it isn’t Michael I’ll be surprised. You can get it on Amazon for just $228 (R3400) and that includes import duties. Bargain 😛


One of the best scenes in The Office – where Michael realises Toby is back

?Baby Yoda

Disney’s own streaming service, Disney +, launched (sadly not in SA) and people lost their minds over Baby Yoda.



ICYMI: Sam got a really cool Star Wars Levi’s jacket (no I’m not jealous, you’re jealous) which you can check out here

?And finally, the only Black Friday advice you need

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