When the Le Creuset Star Wars range will arrive in South Africa (and the cost)

Last week Le Creuset announced their collaboration with Star Wars and the new collection inspired by everyone’s favourite Sci-Fi movie franchise (except mine, I’m a Star Trek fan through and through). It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that the pots and pans crew were dropping some Star Wars goodies, they’ve partnered up with Disney in the past. But a few Le Creuset fans were a bit confused by the drop and this thread highlights how people are all a little bit on the fence:

My favourite tweet in that thread is the one about the Han Solo Roster and how it looks like a coffin… BECAUSE IT KIND OF IS. Okay, in all fairness this is NOT a non-geek shaming post. Nikki and many others raised a concern even I had. It’s a weird collaboration for most. Le Creuset tends to have a brand reputation for being the super fancy, snobby cousin who spent one week in Paris and now insists on speaking in a French accent – so entering novelty geek world seems a bit off. I have a total of zero Le Creuset items because Player 2 is 150% convinced I’ll break them and almost everyone else I know with their offerings tend to save them for special occasions or consider them kitchen splurges. The truth is, I’ve also dropped money on Star Wars salt and pepper shakers as well as batman ice cube trays that were royally overpriced because, BATMAN AND STAR WARS DAMMIT. So I don’t think Le Creuset will have an issue selling this stuff.

Here’s what we know: according to their website the range will drop in South Africa on November 1st. You’ll be able to purchase on their online store, in their physical stores and via Yuppiechef. Here’s the items you will be able to get in South Africa though:

Hans Solo Carbonite Signature Roster

This is going to cost you R6 550. Truth is, no matter how cool I think that is, I don’t roast things nearly enough to justify that. Hard pass from me. 

Droid Mini Cocottes

I actually have no idea what a mini cocotte is but based off the descriptions I’ve now read on cooking things websites (why do I do this to myself), they’re like little pots for individual portion sizes, so over sized ramekins if you will. Fun fact, cocotte is also a fashionable prostitute. These are designed to represent R2D2, C-3PO and BB8. Each little pot costs R435. Might consider.

Darth Vader Signature Round Casserole

Basically the big pot of the collection will cost you R5 750. Again, I wouldn’t splurge but it does look rather evil and fun. It’s also got a surprise on the lid, translating the word France into Aurebesh (Star Wars language, keep up) and casting it into the iron.

Death Star and Millennium Falcon Trivets

These Silicone Trivets are likely the only items I’d purchase from the collection. They cost R290 each and are rather useful when you’re serving food and need to place hot bots on the counter. I like them.

There’s also an exclusive Tatooine Round Dutch Oven that is available, however it WILL NOT be sold in South Africa. There are only nine that have been crafted and getting your hands on one will set you back a cool R14 000. Seriously, if you’re dropping R14 000 on a pot then you need to re-evaluate your life, I don’t care how much of a Star Wars fan you are. The range looks cool and no judgies here if you’re planning on splurging. But if, like me, your time in the kitchen isn’t improved with fancy pots, local geek stores like Dark Carnival have some funky geeky (and Star Wars) kitchen accessories that don’t cost R14 000 (Again, you’re spending that on a pot. Stop it).


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