September 2019: Monthly recap

Remember at the start of September when I said I had this whole new feature and I was going to recap the month that was? In August I decided to make this a “thing”. I regretted that a bit when I realised I needed to sit down and write this all out. Lazy much? But I’m actually really glad I’ve decided to do this. It forces me to review the month and remember what I’ve done or shared. Here’s the things I’ve worked on, some content I’ve written (like a lot actually) and a few other bits and bobs you might enjoy.


Shew, September was mad busy. I spent three weeks on the road doing all sorts esports things. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty draining at one point but I focused a lot on avoiding Con food (and thus Con flu), trying to eat healthy and work out where I could. I also forced myself to get 8 hours sleep a night when working. It made all the difference! Here’s a quick recap of what I worked on:

The month started with me jumping in to interviewer duty for PUBG Europe League Phase 3 Week 3. It was an absolute honour to work with such an incredible talent line up and I had so much fun chatting to the Chicken Dinner Winners on broadcast. I was super nervous for this week and I think I made a few silly mistakes (including wearing the worst pants for camera. Lol). But by the end I was happy and ready to come back better.

credit: Headshot Hustle 2019

I then headed back to South Africa for Comic Con Africa. First stop was a day on the Nintendo South Africa stage where I got to host the Pokemon Let’s Go Elite Four Finals and the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Golden Series Challenge. More on that later.

credit: Headshot Hustle

After a day with Nintendo I spent the next three on stage hosting the Telkom VS Gaming Masters finals alongside Grant Hinds. I started my esports career hosting VS Masters with Paul Redeye Chaloner, so this was rather special.

credit: PUBG Europe League

Comic Con Africa ended at around 6:30pm on Tuesday night. I headed home, put my feet up and then jumped on a plane on Wednesday night to head back for interviewer duty for Week 5 of the PUBG Europe League Phase 3. I felt a lot more confident this time around and really enjoyed my time in the arena. I think I got some really special moments captured on broadcast with the players and hope the viewers enjoyed it. Definitely one of my favourite experiences!


I tried to do a few videos while I was rushing from events. I’ve got two up that you can watch. They’ll give you a bit more insight into the fun at Comic Con. There’s a third video as well which is the official recap video of the Nintendo tournaments. They really were some of the most fun I’ve worked on so I thought I’d share – in case you were interested.


In between all the chaos of esports things this month I did also get some content out on various other channels. If you want to read all the things, here they are:

South Africa’s best share their top Street Fighter tips – featured on Redbull, a round up of some top tips from competitive Street Fighter players.

The esports events happening at Comic Con Africa 2019 – featured on Redbull and a round up of esports events happening at Comic Con Africa that you could check out.

The esports events to look forward to at rAge Expo 2019 – featured on Redbull, a preview of the esports events happening at rAge Expo 2019.

4 Games you need to play before the end of 2019 – featured on Brandhubb

6 tips to avoid ‘Con Flu’ – featured on Brandhubb

Which Gaming Console Should You Get? – featured on Brandhubb


The more I put this all together the more in awe I am of all the things we got done this month. I need a holiday! Lol. I also visited 5fm in September and chatted to Thando about the Overwatch World Cup which was fun.

Finally, my Hello Joburg article for October came out at the end of September. This month we’re focusing on identity, so be sure to check out some of my entertainment picks in there. That’s it for this month. Let’s see if I can keep this going in to October! Lol.

Lots of Photographers to thank for the work you see here. The awesome Pregan Pillay from Headshot Hustle, the official PEL photographer and Daniel Schwarzweiss from RYE Gaming. 

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