animal feet socks

Animal feet socks are a thing & take all of my money

I took a half day today so my weekend starts early. Yours can too if you check out this week’s edition of Bytesized. Why? Because you’ll have a giggle and make the workday go by faster. Or not.

Chicken feet socks are a thing & I want a pair

My mom sent my sibling and I this link in our Whatsapp group and it lead me on journey down the internet rabbit hole. Chicken feet socks reminded me of a reverse Cow & Chicken (the best show ever) Mom and Dad, because we only ever saw their feet.

chicken feet socks
You can get a pair of these bad boys from Amazon for $4.99 – $8.99 (R72 – R132) but remember you’ll have to pay postage and who knows how much at customs. But still totally worth it!

After seeing these, I wondered if there were OTHER animal feet socks and the internet did not disappoint. You can get these on eBay for about R45 each. 

photo realistic animal foot socks

The best part is that they have a front and a back.

horse hoof socks front and back

How old were you when you realised there is a hidden number 8 on the 8 of diamonds?

I was today years old and apparently so was the internet. When you see it, you’ll wonder how you missed it before.


Apple gives us details about the iPhone 11

This is what has been missing from a smartphone, the ability to cook miniature food.

Plus Apple has brought colour back.


And now this…


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