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Twitter finally joins Instagram (but the Gram still has more Twitter followers than Twitter does)

Last Christmas I got the Whomping Willow Harry Potter LEGO set but there is a whole lot more to Hogwarts and the wonderful world of Harry Potter LEGO. I’ve been eyeing out the next set to add to my Hogwarts but unfortunately, I had to be an adult and take the grown-up route. I reversed into a parking lot pillar (it jumped out of nowhere) and now have to spend my HP LEGO money on the excess for my insurance. How’s your week been?

?? Twitter finally joins Instagram…

Their bio is brilliant and their first posts are genius.  But this got me wondering, what kind of following do each of the social platforms have on other social media platforms? Scroll down to see.


twitter joins instagram

twitters first instagram


Facebook has 3.3m followers

Twitter has 625k followers

Instagram has 312m followers


Twitter has 5.6m followers

Instagram has 36.4m followers (yup Instagram has more followers on Twitter than Twitter does)

Facebook has 13.6m followers (even Facebook has more followers on Twitter than Twitter does)

Follow Twitter on Twitter for awesome content like this:


Instagram has 65m likes

Twitter has 50m likes

Facebook went all regional on me, so Facebook Africa has 214m likes

?Tickets went on sale for the Federer vs Nadal charity match in Cape Town

And you probably couldn’t even afford to go, as some tickets were as high as R22 500! And even if you could, they sold out in 10 minutes.

?️This deep fake app will give you serious trust issues (also you can now star in Titanic)

Zao is a Chinese app that allows you to put your face on a celeb’s in a video and it looks realistic. I tried to download it but I am on Android and it is only available on iOS (it’s also only available in China – so there’s that).

Let’s get technical

I love LEGO and have been wanting to buy a technic set for a while, but I also hate spending money. And the technic set I want is a couple of thousand randelas. I love the LEGO sets but this guy has got serious skills. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

A note from Sam: You’ll notice that missing from Bytesized this week is a round up of the terrifying stories currently online and around South Africa. We stand will all women and believe voices need to be heard. But a serious issue like this cannot be trivialised. We’ve got other posts on the blog covering it but thought Bytesized needed to remain light hearted in tone. Hope you understand. x 

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