Online Overwatch tournament – no team required

Hopefully by now you know about Team South Africa. A collection of South Africa’s best Overwatch Players attempting to get to Los Angeles at the end of October to compete at the Overwatch World Cup happening at Blizzcon. If you don’t, here’s a quick recap:

I was voted in, by the community, to be general manager of Team South Africa. We were invited to compete at the World Cup, but only the top 10 teams get their flights and accommodation covered. Even food isn’t guaranteed. Blizzard has informed teams that once they’re knocked out of the competition they aren’t even entitled to the player meals supplied at the venue. For our team from South Africa, that’s a pretty expensive week away. We’ve got to raise enough money to pay for the 7 players (one reserve) and coach to fly to Los Angeles, stay there for a week (hello hotels), travel from the airport to hotel and then to Blizzcon and back each day (we’ll need Ubers) and eat, because food is only supplied at the venue if you’re still in the competition. So say our team gets knocked out in group stages on the Friday morning, they aren’t able to access the catering from that point on. So we now need to plan on feeding players, at a con, if they don’t make the final two (because obviously the team will go support the other players still competing). All of this is a big ouch on our bank accounts basically.

Despite all of that, we’re forging ahead. We’re R44 000 off the amount needed to cover flights and the hotel. Sooo close. We’re constantly looking at new ways to raise money and this is our latest one.

On Saturday 14 September and Sunday 15 September our incredible community lead, VirgoLiz, is going to be hosting an online community tournament to raise funds for the team. We’ll host a 1v1 competition on Saturday and a 3v3 competition on Sunday. Anyone is able to enter and compete. The idea is for this to be as fun as possible while still raising money. Take a look:

The incredible prizes you see have been sponsored by the awesome Megarom Games. They’ve organised some incredible Overwatch goodies for you, so give them some thanks online if you can. There is an entry fee, with all money going towards the team. We’ll even try get casters to come cast your games and create some hype for you!

If you’re keen to support and compete then head on over here to book your spot in the tournament. Let’s get Team South Africa to the Overwatch World Cup! 


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