Dim Sum is not a good enough reason to move am I right?

It’s been a rough few months. On Monday I had to put my hedgepig, Axel, down. This about a month after Maurice my chinchilla suddenly passed away. My furkids are my life and in addition to being heartbreaking, it is so strange not having them around at home. We are all going to die (I kid you not I received a press release this week that started with “One only dies once”) but when it happens, it still comes as a surprise. While I am a sad panda, it is still so important to laugh and this is what has made me chuckle this week. 

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Things could always be worse…like for this gal in Hong Kong. 

Coconut Kelz is hilarious and this video is amazing. She calls up her BFF in Hong Kong and hilarity ensues. 

  • Is that the manager? Tell him. 
  • Dim Sum is not a good enough reason to move

This is how you remind me 

This song will always remind me of when my mom, sibling and I drove down to Grahamstown because I was starting varsity at Rhodes. At one point we could only get some random radio station and for some reason, they played this song twice. I had kind of forgotten about it until I saw this amazing remix. 


If you love someone get up at 3am on a Sunday morning to bake them scones 

I thought it was a joke but it really wasn’t – a woman actually woke up at 3am on Sunday morning to make her bae some freshly baked scones. 


A Home Alone reboot because nothing is sacred anymore 

Home Alone 2 was on TV the other day and I watched it. My sibling and I would always stay up on Christmas Eve to watch Home Alone with my dad before we went to Midnight Mass (we were raised Catholic when we were younger) and would always laugh so much at the slapstick. 

At least Macaulay Culkin gets it. 



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