Free learning sessions with iStore Meets – here’s my top picks

The iStore has dropped their “iStore Meets” offering, which is a pretty rad take on similar events held at iStores around the world. Basically, what iStore Meets is, is learning sessions offered in store at no cost. The sessions usually offer up something funky and different with insight into new ideas and the creative process through technology. No brainer here, considering it is the iStore that technology usually takes the form of an Apple device. They’ve gone by various names but you might be most familiar with #TodayAtApple – which included photo walks and lab experiences. #TodayAtApple also partnered up with Madonna at one point for music lab workshops. Attendees to the Music Lab Workshops in Australia had a chance to be some of the first to remix a new single from Billie Eilish using Garage Band. That happened less than two weeks ago.

What workshops will iStore Meets offer?

I’ve got a list of the work shops on offer for iStore Meets and they’re pretty rad. There’s also a host of names you might recognise in the mix, some of whom I’ve had the honour of working with before. I’ll share these in a bit. But for clarity:

  • The sessions are free. You simply need to book a session.
  • The sessions will be hosted in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.
  • Sessions include topics such as photography, music, health and even coding
  • You’ll likely need to bring certain products with you, because the workshops are hands on. Pretty sure you can tag along if you just want to listen though and don’t have the item. You might just miss out on the activity sections.

My understanding is these aren’t the only iStore Meets activities happening and there will likely be more. But as a starting point, these are rather interesting:

“iStore Meets Prince Kaybee”
The Journey to the Crown! and Using Logic Pro X to create a beat, with self-taught DJ and music producer Prince Kaybee.

“iStore Meets Karen Zoid”
Transitioning into the digital age, with South Africa’s “Queen of Rock” Karen Zoid.

“iStore Meets Thys Uys” 
Bringing tattoo art into the digital realm, with renowned tattoo artist Thys Uys from Fallen Heroes Tattoo.

“iStore Meets Jono”
Using iPad Pro to improve your social media content, with Redbull content creator Jono Ferreira.

“iStore Meets GI Jane”
Mindfulness in the Digital Age: Tracking your wellness journey using the Health App, with fitness expert GI Jane.

“iStore Meets Nico Nel”
Starting to craft stories in Final Cut Pro X, with branded content expert Nico Nel.

“iStore Meets Harmonix”
Photo Skills: Photography on iPhone with iPhoneographer, Harmonix.

“iStore Meets Toby Shapshak” 
The future of work and why we are so change-adverse, with journalist, publisher and thought leader Toby Shapshak.

“iStore Meets DJ Arch Jnr”
Regular music performances using iPad, with the world’s youngest DJ Arch Jnr.

My iStore Meets Picks

You’ll notice I’ve linked to all of the booking pages above. If you click the links it will take you to the booking page and you can book for the session you’d like to attend. I did mention earlier that I’ve worked with a few of the people featured here so I thought I’d give them a sneaky shout out. Fallen Heroes is my preferred spot for getting inked. While Thys has never tattooed me himself I’m so impressed with the business he has built and I think it would be interesting to see how they utilise tech into the tattooing process. I met Jono last year just before Comic Con and then had a chance to work with him during the event. He is a phenomenal content creator and someone who inspires me daily, if I was in Cape Town I’d definitely check him out. Nico might not be a familiar name to you, but I’ve worked with him regularly – he handles production on some of the biggest esports events locally and does a stack of video work – we’ve had the chance to work on a host of projects together and he is a genius. If you’re in Jozi and into video, you should check him out. As I write this I realise I could actually say a little something about almost everyone hosting a workshop. It’s a pretty stacked line up.

The idea of skill sharing and being able to learn from each other is something I dig and I like that anyone can attend these workshops and learn a little something something. I definitely plan to sign up for a few. How about you? Let me know which ones you plan to attend and maybe we’ll be able to create rad stuff from what we learnt, together! 

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