South African Streamers

4 South African Streamers to watch

Sometimes I like making lists. This is one of those times. Let’s clarify said list:

  • This is not an exhaustive list of streamers you can watch. There’s lots, these are just 4 streamers I’ve enjoyed recently.
  • This is by no means a “best” streamers list. Just a list of 4 streamers I’ve enjoyed recently.
  • This is just a list of 4 streamers I’ve enjoyed recently.

Got it? Great.

I don’t watch nearly as many streams as I’d like. Usually in the evenings I prefer to jam games or have down time so I miss a lot of the fun. However, during the day I’ll trawl twitter and twitch for streams I missed and have them playing while I work. Sometimes I’ll skip through them and see if I can find bits that entertain me. Here are 4 South African streamers whose content I’ve been drawn to lately. I pop past their past videos and give them a little look. I also love their content on other platforms and am finding them rather intriguing. So I thought I’d share with you in case you were looking for a few people to add to your watch list:


South African Streamers

I met Vinx at Comic Con last year. She was this tiny ball of crazy energy and she threw me for a 6. Mainly because I knew exactly who she was when she came over to say hi and I didn’t want to be like “OHMIGOD I KIND OF THINK YOU’RE COOL”. I played it cool. I did get a sticker from her though, which recently fell off my cork board and I’m a bit bleak about it. Anyway, Vinx is just this super fun gamer. She doesn’t have a set schedule and streams a variety of games but right now there’s a lot of Dota Underlords.

Watch Just let me stream :c kthx !discord from onlyVinx on www.twitch.tv

Vinx’s vibe: Quirky and fun.


South African Streamers

MissLadyJay is arguably one of South Africa’s most successful streamers. Ignoring the fancy partner accolades and competitive achievements, she just seems like a chilled lady who happens to be rather good at Gwent – which is the game she streams. I had a chance to interview her for Red Bull last year, so if you’d like to read about her competitive career you can click here to read the interview. Jesse used to work in Game Development but went through a tough time last year with work. I started following her journey then and have been so excited to see her slowly develop and grow. I also relate to some aspects of her personal life at the moment, which she occasionally chats about, which is also why I’ve started being a bit more drawn to her content.

Watch Aretuza Open Cup Day 1 🙂 !decks !bracket !score from MissLadyJay_ZA on www.twitch.tv

MissLadyJay’s vibe: Bit more “serious” gamer with a focus on Gwent

Miniature Panda

South African Streamers

I don’t actually know how to categorise Panda or explain her. She’s a bit weird (and I hope, if she ever reads this, she doesn’t take that the wrong way). Sometimes she is full on odd ball, other times she is super serious and then every so often she lets her guard down and sings. I enjoy the Twitch Sings content Panda does more than anything else. She has a great voice and I like that you get to see that side of her come out. Her schedule isn’t regular and she hasn’t streamed in awhile but worthwhile checking her out.

Watch Twitch Sings | !socials !discord | NEW SUB WHEEL | New Sub Goal?! 52/75 from MiniPtherealOG on www.twitch.tv

Panda’s vibe: Pretty


I’ve only recently started following Haylstorm’s stuff and I’ve been digging it. Art/creative streams always fascinate me (maybe because I can’t draw for sh*t). So I’m always drawn to artists. Haylstorm does some awesome creative streams where she draws emotes and does graphic work live. She throws in some gaming as well but her art streams are something special. It’s always fun watching something get created and I find it rather soothing to leave her past streams on in the background and then pop past every so often to see how the design is coming on.

Watch Flu go away! Short stream | 1k follower goal | !discord from Haylstorm_SA on www.twitch.tv

Haylstorm’s vibe: Inspired

Those are 4 South African streamers on my radar but I’d love to find more. If you have a favourite local streamer you think I should watch, drop their details in the comments below and I’ll go take a look.

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