Dell XPS 13 notebook

The XPSFactor – the new Dell XPS 13 Notebook


Next week I’m embarking on a fun competition with Dell and my friend Sibu Mpanza. It’s all about finding out if you have the XPSFactor. If you’re completely confused right now…

Where have you been?

Dell XPS 13 notebook

Let me explain – the Dell XPS 13 9380 i7 Notebook is a gorgeous little piece of tech. Next week Sibu and I will be testing your knowledge about the device and the person who answers the questions correctly and showcases that they have the XPSFactor will win a brand new Dell XPS 13. Pretty sweet, right? I figured that if I was going to be testing your knowledge it would probably be important for me to make sure I was all clued up on the notebook – so I’ve spent the last few days getting to know it…. and it really is rather adorable.

Form Factor

Dell XPS 13 notebook

I used adorable, but the adjective doesn’t really do this little beauty justice, because it is far more than adorable under the hood, we’ll get to that in a minute. Out the box it is petite. Its slim form will appeal if you travel a lot. I immediately thought this would be ideal for long haul economy class flights, because it is almost impossible to find a laptop that fits nicely on the tiny airplane tray tables. This could work. It weighs a whole 1.21kg so you’ll easily be able to pop it into a medium size handbag and be on your way. Warning though: you’re going to want to buy a cute little laptop sleeve because you won’t want to damage the sleek Aluminium finish. The notebook I’ve been playing on is a gorgeous silver with black finishes.

There are no typical USB Type A ports but the device has 2 x Thunderbolt 3 ports on one side with a USB Type C Port, audio jack and microSD slot on the other. Personally, I prefer a USB Type A port but in order to ensure that slim design it makes sense to swap it out. If you need the connection, there are great Dell adaptors that would work a treat and can easily be slipped into your purse.  

All in the eyes

Dell XPS 13 notebook

One of the most impressive features of the Dell XPS 13 is the display. For only 13″ it provides a feast for your eyes, stretching out to seem almost borderless (the infinity edge bezels are to thank for that). This specific notebook has a 4K Ultra HD offering. The little machine also makes sure to showcase the beauty of the visuals through Dell Cinema – which supplies a very personal and unique way to consume your favourite content, be it movies, TV or YouTube videos. The software enhances the colour, brights and detail to ensure your eyes are dazzled. But, it takes it even further by further enhancing sound and also prioritising bandwidth for streamed content. No more stutters! Which brings me to the serious stuff…

Under the hood

Dell XPS 13 notebook

The Dell XPS 13 looks good and makes sure what you’re watching looks good. Most importantly though? It is good. This laptop has a Quad Core Intel Core i7 processor, offers solid-state drive storage and 16GB of memory. If you’re doing day to day admin, email checks and social media surfing you’ll clock around 19 hours of use on the battery before you’ll need to charge. It’s a divine little device that is not only a work horse but an impressive one. For someone who travels a lot, is on the road a lot or just uses their laptop a lot – you’ll dig this little beauty. For more information on the laptop as well as where to purchase visit dellxpsfactor.co.za

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Disclosure: I was sent a Dell XPS 13 notebook to use and try out for two weeks. It goes back to the brand. I don’t keep it. 

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