grocery shopping

Naomi Campbell goes shopping just like you & me (except she’s a super model)

This week I unintentionally stuck to a food theme with a bit of Clippy and Internet Explorer (IE) thrown in, because why not? It’s Friday and that means it’s the weekend so let’s dive right in. Here is this week’s Bytesized.

And we go back, back

If you don’t remember Clippy then I feel sorry for you. You missed the glorious rage of being annoyed by a virtual paper clip. Let that sink in. You can follow him on Twitter though.

IE is also on twitter and it is hilarious because all the tweets are delayed and outdated.

Try not to laugh at these tweets

These tweets have been cracking me up so much. The raccoon one is probably one of my favourite tweets of all time.

I loved Scooby Doo as a kid.

It’s all about self-motivation.

Naomi Campbell is just like us in that she goes grocery shopping

I don’t know why but I’ve watched this three times this week. You should watch it too.

If the crust is your favourite part of the pizza then you need to re-evaluate your life

Watch Master Chef Junior with Hell’s Kitchen insults


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