Win your own Instax Mini LiPlay!

I’m always excited when I get to do something rad for you and this is one of those times! The folks at Fujifilm have offered up a sexy little Instax Mini LiPlay for one lucky Tech Girl fan. Confused as to what the LiPlay is? Let me refresh your memory with this video I posted a few weeks ago on how to use one of its fab features:

The LiPlay is the brand new offering from Instax and it comes with a host of fun features. These include the option to print pics from your phone, add frames and funky bits to your Instax snaps before printing, remote shooting and even adding voice notes to your pics via a QR code. It’s all sorts of cute.

There’s a full write up of the device and what if offers over on this blog post. So if you need to be convinced, go read up on all the things it can do. I had it for a few weeks and loved it so much. Player 2 was also properly annoyed because my birthday present was an Instax SQ6 (which I love btw) and he was worried the LiPlay would give me fomo. I still love my birthday present, even though this baby is cute AF, but if I could enter this giveaway I so would.

Right, let’s get to the giveaway part. My favourite feature of the LiPlay is the ability to print pics from your phone. This means that even if you forget to pack the Instax, you can still get a physical print of those special memories. I really want to give this camera to someone who will love it and the features it offers. So we’re going to be doing this a little different. I’ve shared some of my prints over on my Instagram profile. You’ll need to comment on that picture with the photo you’d most want to print, in order to enter the competition.

Please also fill out this Gleam entry so I can make sure I can get hold of you if you win:

Instax Mini LiPlay Giveaway

Good luck! I’ll announce the winner next week Monday. 




  • Reply Seshnie Govender July 23, 2019 at 07:50

    I am most likely to print the Strong As Fuck Pic… Yeahhhh cos I’m that kinda lady hahahaha.. But on a motherly note I’d also print the special moment Pic with my kid

  • Reply Yolisa Qunta July 24, 2019 at 01:01

    Entered!!!! crossing fingers

  • Reply Michael Peyper July 24, 2019 at 18:48

    <3 Entered <3

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