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South African Gaming has steadily received more interest from the main stream and it is exciting to see so many new players and faces in the space. More content creators are popping up, more players interested in going pro and more companies looking to offer opportunity and experience to gaming fans in the country. However, while it is exciting to see new businesses enter the fray, I do sometimes worry.

Many new faces decide before they even enter the space that they know exactly what is needed or has to be done. Sometimes the stuff they plan to do has been done already, other times the stuff they plan to do makes zero sense and for many of us we go:

Which is why I’m writing this post. I’ve been approached by GTG Expo who are looking to enter the space, but they want to make sure they do it properly. In their own words, they’re looking to:

Create a unique experience, an experience which will incorporate a tangible physical and mental memory and an event which stimulates the future in South Africa.

My first reaction, and possibly yours, is “heard that before”. But here’s where it is a bit different. Rather than jumping in feet first and not getting feedback from the community, GTG has put together a survey to get a feel for the wants and needs of local gamers in the community. They realise that OUR input is important and will hopefully help develop a concept that fills a gap and ultimately not only is fun but also grows and feeds back into the scene. This way everyone wins… which gets me to this part:

A Gaming Survey

Girl Gaming South Africa

I’d like to ask you to take 5 to 10 minutes of your day to participate in a survey that the group has put together.

You can fill out the survey by clicking here.

Every person who completes the survey will also be added to a lucky draw and stand a chance to win a gaming headset as well as tickets to the event that is being planned.

So you could win, but we all win if we fill this in and share our views. Be sure to add your voice to the pile! 

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