Who wants to listen to the best of Video Game Music performed by a live orchestra?

A few weeks ago I received a mail from Renee Hartzenberg. It immediately caught my attention because I’d seen a similar performance in Bloemfontein and was sad I lived in Johannesburg and couldn’t attend. I’ll get to what this performance is in a little bit.

First I want to tell you about Renee

Renee is a Gauteng-based classical musician. Specifically a flutist. She has been accepted to do a Master’s degree in flute performance at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This is an incredible achievement for anyone. Studying and perfecting your craft takes so many hours of dedication and time. More so, being invited to pursue a Masters degree is incredible! As you can imagine though, with one dollar costing more than R14, this isn’t a cheap exercise. Renee mailed me and explained a fundraising event she had planned. She originally asked me to assist with MCing the event and, despite this being her chance to raise funds for her studies, still sent through a proposed payment plan. I declined immediately and instead offered to help out however I could without compensation, because I know how incredibly hard it is to finance studies and also understand the prestige and opportunity that come with Renee being able to do a Masters degree. I’m hoping this gives you a bit more insight in to Renee and why I really hope you’ll join us all in supporting her.

The best Video Game Music

Renee has arranged an awesome video game music concert on the 13th of July in Johannesburg. A group of her friends, all professional musicians, will perform as a chamber orchestra and they’ll be playing all your favourite music from your favourite video games! Here’s why this is so rad – the music has been arranged by award-winning South African composer, Pieter Small. Small recently completed his Master’s degree in video game music as well so this promises to be AMAZING!

Some of the music that will be performed includes music from:

The Witcher

Tomb Raider


Ark Survival

and even The Sims! There is a host of other music you’ll be able to listen to.

Something different

I love orchestras and tend to listen to them while I work (I’m listening to a playlist right now). The idea of enjoying a Saturday night with my friends, some Sherry and my favourite video game music performed live sounds magical. I also really love that in doing so we’re able to help someone accomplish a dream and achieve their academic goals.

Details of the event

  • The concert will take place at the Barbara Pretorius Concert Hall (2 Dorset Road, Randburg, Johannesburg)
  • The show is on 13 July
  • It starts at 19:00
  • You can bring some Sherry or wine to enjoy with friends while listening to the music.
  • Tickets cost R155.
  • You can purchase your tickets by clicking here. Renee has also kindly offered a discount for the Tech Girl community. You can get 15% off your ticket price by using the coupon code: techgirlza 

All the money raised is going towards helping Renee get to the States and study. So you’re doing something magical while enjoying a different but magical evening. So come hang out with us and let’s enjoy sending Renee to her destiny. Please share this with your friends and tell everyone you know. Let’s see if we can full up the hall!

I really hope to see you there! Let’s make Renee’s dream a reality. 

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