Sasha Luss stars as 'Anna' in ANNA.

Win tickets to the ANNA screening and see the movie first!

There’s a new movie coming to screens next week and it features a kick ass female lead doing kick ass things. Like, there’s a lot of kick ass and kicking ass and ass kicking happening in the trainer for ANNA:

Now I’m a fan of action packed movies and I like seeing more female led movies entering the action drama. Also Helen Mirren is in this movie and I’m in love with her work. The director and writer behind ANNA is Luc Besson. Besson was the writer and director for Nikita as well as The Fifth Element. Two movies I loved. He also wrote and directed Lucy which I’m a fan of too.

Sasha Luss stars as ‘Anna’ in ANNA.

Unfortunately for Besson he let me down a bit in 2017 with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. I didn’t really enjoy that one but I’m hoping he can earn my love back with ANNA. I think it is more in line with what I love from him so I’m keen to see what he delivers. I’m also excited to see a new face, Sasha Luss, as the lead. I’m always excited to see new talent on the big screen so I’ll be making sure to watch this when it releases on 21 June.

Do you want to watch ANNA?

Sasha Luss stars as ‘Anna’ in ANNA.

While the rest of the world needs to wait till 21 June to check out the movie, I’ve been given a stack of double movie tickets to a special screening happening at Monte Casino on 20 June at 8pm. You and your plus one will get popcorn, drinks and the chance to watch this movie first! Here’s how to enter the competition:

ANNA Pre-Screening Ticket Giveaway

I’ll notify the 25 winners on Tuesday 17 June. Good luck! 

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