Is liking your own posts self-centred?

Things can change very quickly. Last Friday I took my hedgehog Axel to the vet because his skin condition wasn’t improving and it actually became a case of life or death. A week later and he has pulled through like a champ. I got to take him home on Wednesday morning and he was eating and running on his wheel within minutes. He goes back again in a week after his medication is done and I’m hoping for the best. Dealing with this kind of situation puts me in a weird headspace. I realised that sometimes there is nothing you can do and all you can do is give it time. So my hedgepig is on the mend and I am so happy. And on that note, here is all the internet stuff I thought was worth sharing this week.

Is liking your own posts frowned upon?

Some people think that liking your own posts is lame.

liking your own post 1

liking your own post 2

But let’s settle this once for all. No, it isn’t lame. Why? Because Twitter says so.

CrossFit suspends its Facebook and Instagram accounts

CrossFit cites over 8 reasons why it has made this decision, but it all started when Facebook, without warning, deleted one of their banting groups with 1.65m members. It was then reinstated without any explanation.

They believe that Facebook supports the food and beverage industry and deletes “the accounts of communities that have identified the corrupted nutritional science responsible for unchecked global chronic disease”.

These tweets are so left field and funny

Twitter was brutal this week and I loved it. I laughed out loud at these and started cracking up all over again while putting this collection together.




Kids do the darnest things

Then there is this video which you have to watch until the end. It starts off great but gets MUCH better.


Check out this albino panda bear

This first of its kind, this albino panda was caught on camera in Sichuan.

albino panda bear

And that’s all folks.

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