New LEGO sets to add to your collection

As South Africans, this was our first 5 day work week in a long time and honestly, it took it out of me. As I write this I can’t wait for the weekend to binge watch series (The Society looks good), read and make oxtail. And in case you were wondering, yes my weekends are always this exciting. And now for all the internet news, you may have missed this week.

New LEGO sets are here & take all my money

For Christmas, I got the LEGO Harry Potter Whomping Willow. It is so much fun to build and I really want to complete Hogwarts even though I have no place to keep it (my LEGO collection is currently in a Raka wine crate which I’ve turned into my LEGO box). I think I may have to create a Lego shelf.

Lego Harry Potter Whomping Willow
My Christmas present last year. Yes, I built it almost immediately. Yes, I really want Hogwarts.

Well, this week LEGO has been on a role. Not only are the releasing MORE Harry Potter LEGO sets (five available in August), but they are also releasing a Stranger Things set that can be built upside down.

stranger things lego


Facebook wants you to date your friends

It’s called Secret Crush, and you can add up to 6 of your crushes to your own More Than Friends list. If one person on your More Than Friends list adds you to their list, then you both get a notification. What could possibly go wrong?

Here’s how to make sure you reach your step count every day

Smoothies for errybody.

Well when you put it like that

It’s funny because this thought has definitely crossed my mind.

Will Smith sings Prince Ali

I’m going to watch the new Aladdin next week and I am really excited. A friend sent me this video, so I watched it immediately. What I found out was that I have been singing some words wrong AND I have no idea how I feel about Will Smith as the genie. Only time will tell.

Enjoying the last season of Game of Thrones?

I am actually really enjoying the last season, but there are a lot of people who beg to differ. I especially love checking out all the comments and memes after I’ve watched a show. Also, how has it been 10 years since GOT started? Any who, just under 250k + people (at the time of writing) have signed a petition asking HBO to rewrite the final season.

Sam note: I think this is pathetic and that fans need to check their entitled BS at the door. But that’s just me.

remake got

Sonic the Hedgehog is setting unrealistic body expectations for hedgehogs

After releasing an image of Sonic, the internet responded and it is now being changed. BUT Sonic has always been skinny and most hedgehogs are not.

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The hedgehog 🦔 ♥️ #instapet #hedgehogsofig

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I have a hedgepig called Axel and he is slightly overweight (I got him like that & he is now on a diet), but Sonic is no role model as this hedgie below knows.


Tired of Sonic setting unrealistic body expectations for hedgehogs

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