oreo cup games

Have you entered the Oreo Cup yet?


Gamers get ready! The Oreo Cup has landed in South Africa and it’s time to put your twisting, licking and dunking to the test.

Oreo is enjoyed by everyone, it is a playful, imaginative and very curious biscuits. This is mainly because it focuses on the kid inside all of us and is also a way of connecting kids/people of all ages. This is why it makes complete sense that they added some competitive gaming giggles to the mix. If you’re a loyal Oreo customer and a gamer, then you’re about to be rewarded.

oreo cup games

The Oreo Cup launched early March and will run till 31 May. If you want to enter it is really simple: enter your barcode number on your favourite Oreo product gets you in. The size doesn’t matter – if you’ve got Oreo Golden, Oreo Original or Oreo Chocolate Creme in the cupboard you’re good to go. Once you’ve added the barcode you earn credits. You earn credits which you can use to play. 

Different games for different skills

oreo cup games

To play any of the games, buy any participating OREO and dial *120*8826# or visit www.oreocup.com Once you’ve logged into the cup website you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different games:

There’s Oreo Ladder Dunk, Oreo Crazy Twist, Oreo Flash Lick, Oreo Seesaw Twist and Oreo Spiral Dunk.

If you want to get a feel for each of the games and how they work – I’ll be live streaming at 3pm on Wednesday 3 April over on my Facebook page to let you get a feel for the games and also to try set my own high scores – because if you can get yourself on the leaderboard you can stand a chance to win!

oreo cup games

There’s a Huawei P20 mobile phone up for grabs, cash prizes and even a Playstation 4. There are also weekly prizes including Takealot vouchers, airtime and HiSense TVs up for grabs. I’m also going to be giving away a little something something on my stream to the person who can beat my high score. So make sure you come watch on Wednesday and see if you can beat me.

Now if you’ll excuse me – I need to train for the Oreo Cup!

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