26 Budget Christmas Gift Ideas – nothing over R150!

What with polony trying to kill us, the rollercoaster ride that has been the petrol price and the price of out-of-season avos, I think I can safely say that 2018 has been tough on our pockets. But that doesn’t mean the gifts you give have to suck. I’ve found 26 budget Christmas gifts that just so happen not to be rubbish and at R150 or less, will also be kinder to your wallet. To make it even easier, I’ve divided the gifts up into categories: home, tech, stationery and bookworms.

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Budget Christmas Gifts under R150: Home

As you get older getting stuff for your house is awesome. For this category, I’ve gone with a snazzy shine bright like a diamond mirror, an emoji ice tray (which is perfect for summer), a candle so that everything smells nice, a manatee tea diffuser (manatees are going to be the new sloths soon), a cute fruit basket, a sippy cup (perfect for ice coffee, water or gin and juice) and then my personal favourite a golden Snitch bath bomb which will reveal what type of wizard you are by changing colour!


  1. Diamond mirror, MRP Home, R129.99
  2. Emoji ice tray, Mantality, R125
  3. Golden Snitch bath bomb, CottonOn, R99.99
  4. Thingamajig manatee tea infuser, The Crazy Store, R49.98
  5. Scented jar candle, Woolworths, R75
  6. Rose gold fruit basket, Sheet Street, R35
  7. Sprinkles of sunshine sippy cup, MRP Home, R69.99

Budget Christmas gifts under R150: Tech

This was a challenging category to do because tech ain’t cheap. But I think all of these would be much appreciated. A Bluetooth speaker is perfect for when the old cellphone in bowl trick just doesn’t give you the volume your party deserves, a keyring power bank means you’ll never leave it at home (I always leave mine when I need them most), a desktop cable organiser because cables be errywhere yo, a phone or tablet holder to watch Netflix on the go without having to hold your device, a phone ring (don’t diss these until you try them. I started using a Pop Socket a year ago and wonder how I survived without one), and finally a cable cover (not sure what the point of this is but it is a sloth so why wouldn’t you want one?).


  1. Shox Bluetooth speaker, Game, R99.95
  2. Orico desktop cable organiser, Clicks, R39.95
  3. Mermaid keyring power bank, MRP Home, R149.99
  4. Thingamajig cellphone/tablet stand, The Crazy Store, R29.99
  5. Corgi phone ring, Typo, R69
  6. Sloth cable cover, Typo, R69.99 (or R100 for two)

Budget Christmas gifts under 150: Stationery

New stationery makes me so very happy. I always carry a notebook around and MRP Home has some great ones, relieve stress with a peach squishy, store all your pens in a llama case, pin stuff on a moustache cork board and hit the blah blah blah button everytime someone annoys you at work. Plus bling up your fridge with the cutest sausage dog magnet and magnetic notepad.


  1. Notebook, MRP Home, R129.99
  2. Thingamajig sausage dog memo holder, The Crazy Store, R69.99
  3. Peach squishy, Superbalist, R99
  4. Magnetic memo pad, MRP Home, R29.99
  5. Llama pencil bag, Superbalist, R149
  6. Blah blah button, Yuppie Gadgets, R120
  7. Moustache cork board, Yuppie Gadgets, R120

Budget Christmas gifts under R150: Bookworm

What would the holiday season be without reading? Give a gift that keeps on giving by buying Manage your money like a f&^% grownup or let the person choose a book by getting them a gift voucher. A Hogwarts bag is cool and useful as is a funky bookmark and reading light (no one likes moving to switch off the light or bedside lamp). Plus a mug is required to consume coffee, tea, hot chocolate or vino if you’re feeling fancy.


  1. A R150 gift voucher from Takealot, Loot, Reader’s Warehouse, Exclusive Books, CNA or basically anywhere books are sold
  2. One of this year’s book club picks, Manage your money, is available from Takelot for R149
  3. A Hogwarts tote bag, Typo, R20
  4. Unicorn mug, Juicebubble, R129
  5. Tiny reading light, Yuppie Gadgets, R125
  6. Thingamajig bookmark, The Crazy Store, R24.99

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