Two words: load shedding

My favourite (and only) sibling got married last weekend and it was so much fun. It’s not often you get to have all of your family and close friends in one place. We went away to a bush lodge for the weekend, ate delicious food, drank amazing vino and got merry.  As we count down the days to vaykayshun I can’t wait to go to the beach, swim and be with friends and family once more. And now this week’s Bytesized:

?Pharrell is forced to become a night owl & it is hilarious

Please let this become part of a film or at the very least a meme? Pharrell was in town for the Global Citizen Festival and had a rather amazing reaction to hadedas.

Hadedas are part of the Ibis family and are the only ones that make a noise and boy do they make up for their cousins’ lack of sound. They are known to whip out their birdsong only when you are trying to sleep and as such can be described as the dicks of the bird world.

Speaking of the Global Citizen Festival, some celebs just couldn’t quite get the hang of amandla.

☎️The best way to deal with call centre agents

?The best fun fact about a tortoise ever

?Where being human always wins

hilarious twitter thread

Also, click here to learn how to turn any Twitter thread into a blog post.

⚡Load Shedding – there’s an app for that

You know load shedding is alive and well when not one but TWO apps that let you know when there will be no electricity is in the top 5. I really like that one is called EskomSePush. If you’d rather not download an app, check out the City Power website to find out when load shedding will be coming to a suburb near you.

top load shedding android apps

?Trevor Noah visits his grandmother & it’s the sweetest thing ever

The internet got angry because Trevor has all that money but they thought his gran should have a better house. Stop being offended on behalf of other people. The internet has become a pro at doing this. Also how awesome is Trevor’s gogo?

?As we count down the days until the silly season begins, seriously how tired are you?



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