4 great gifts for your geeky man child

Buying Christmas gifts for the two men in my life is stressful. See, my brother and my Player 2 are both successful geeky men who have an annoying tendency to just buy the things they want, for themselves. They’re men who don’t really fit the norm – they’re not fans of the “usual” “man” focused gift guides you see all over the internet. They’re quirky and different…. and really difficult to purchase for.

Each year I have the same struggle around this time of year. The items I find for them are usually just too expensive for my budget… Until now.

I played flight controller all the way from Kiev and sent my friend (who also happens to be my brother’s girlfriend) Lauren on a mission to Benmore Centre. They’ve revamped and offer up a mix of rad shops without the horrible throng of crowds in their bigger counterparts just down the road. Lauren made an immediate beeline for Big Blue. If you’re not familiar with these quirky chain of stores then you’re in for a big surprise. They have an eclectic mix of funky items and licensed merchandise that is IDEAL for your geeky man child. The Benmore Big Blue staff are incredibly helpful and you’ll definitely find something, within budget, that suits your brother, friend or significant other. Bonus? There’s a host of items ideal for you too! Here are the items Lauren picked up.

The Superman Cuff links

My brother has a fancy office job. He even wears sweater vests! The horror! But these Superman cuff links are perfect. He can still be a bit different and retain his individual awesomeness while keeping in line with the dress code and more dapper mood of his full time hustle. They’re also only R295.

For the board game nerd

Both my Player 2 and brother are giant board game fanatics. I’m not talking Monopoly, I mean the hard core stuff that you buy from stalls at comic book expos or have to ship in from the States. We can never keep track of what they want or what the next big thing is… So playing it safe with playing cards is always a winner. Plus these are useful for drinking games… for when Lauren and I want an excuse to drink Gin. Big Blue offered up these funky Batman playing cards for R155 – so they’re the perfect stocking filler.

Funky socks

How rad are these Chappie socks? They’re only R155 and once again feed in to allowing self expression in a corporate environment. They’re a throw back to when you asked for your change at the tuckshop in Chappies and add a bit of a funk to the mix. Plus, not many people will have the same socks as you, right?

A bit of Saffa love

Big Blue has a decent collection of South African themed fashion. This T set us back R295. There are some really funny slogan Ts and African themed prints you can take advantage of as well, if you’re looking. Also, Big Blue now has a range of gaming merch too. During her shopping expeditions Lauren saw a Fallout 76 and God of War T on the shelves.

What do you think of our selection? This all came in for less than R800 so I think Lauren did a good job!

Disclosure: We were invited to visit Benmore Centre and specifically the Big Blue store to see the gift selection and find items for our significant others. 

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