This is an edition of Bytesized for you people (apologies to Nandos)

One more sleep and then we are in December and that means we are almost done with 2018. It’s been a long year and one of my favourite things currently going around on social media sums it up perfectly: 2018 is so long I forgot that polony tried to kill us. And now Bytesized.

🐔Nando’s has a new ad and it’s all about #YouPeople

I love that Crystal from the Real Housewives of Johannesburg gets a mention. I actually miss that show. I need to find a new trashy reality show to watch, does anyone have any suggestions?

🍔Put words between buns

Ever wanted to put words between a bun? Me neither. But if you ever wanted to, there is a website for that. I tried to be all arty and you can view some of my creations below. And by arty I mean that I used a gradient.

words on a bun

buns 2



NASA completed a successful Mars landing this week. The last one was six years ago. Upon landing, the spacecraft sent back a selfie (also how cool that you can follow it).

But we actually all really know that the image is fake. See proof below.

And while this is quite something, the best part of it was the reaction of everyone in the control room. This is handshake goals right here. I usually just do a fist bump with an explosion.

Plus Green Day kinda sorta landed on Mars too…

☺️Tweets I thought were worth sharing this week

How do you know you are winning at adulting?


I can’t stop laughing at this.

Have a great weekend errybody. I’m off to my sibling’s wedding shindig.

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