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During the course of 2018 I’ve worked alongside Gumtree. They’ve supported my content and given me the freedom to do some rad stuff. As the holidays approach I started wondering about how you could potentially use a second hand site like Gumtree to help make gifting a little easier. I think I speak for most of us when I say this year has been tough financially. South Africa is in a recession and basic items have risen in cost. Factor in the fuel price and everything else, I think I speak for most of us when I say this year I’m going to try do more for less.

I’m a Christmas gifting freak. I spend a fortune every year on trying to ensure I buy just the right gift for everyone and it usually means that by mid January I’m broke. This year I want to focus on supporting small South African businesses but also on finding meaningful gifts that don’t break the bank. Which is why I’ve actively started looking at options on Gumtree.

Make it yourself

Image courtesy of Caffeine and Fairy Dust

There is probably nothing more special than a gift that has been completely personalised and made by you. One of a kind bespoke presents will always have special meaning to the receiver and ultimately the biggest cost involved here is your time. I was inspired by Maz over at Caffeine and Fairy Dust. She used Gumtree to purchase an old dressing table for R400. She then did some DIY and was able to re-purpose the table into a gorgeous princess dressing table for her daughter. With the final cost coming in at R775. The table is gorgeous and getting it in at that price is amazing! Last year, my brother and his girlfriend gifted my Player 2 with his favourite board game. It wasn’t available in South Africa at the time but the game was available to purchase to print yourself online. They purchased the prints, printed here in SA and then cut and laminated all the pieces and even made a tiny bound rule book and gorgeous bespoke box. It was such a special gift and you could see how much thought went into it. Between Maz’s table and their board game I’m hell bent on sourcing some “pre-loved” bits and pieces and putting effort into making them something special.

I found this old vintage picture frame for R100. You could easily funk it up with a white wash and add a funky print. Suddenly you’re gifting bespoke art to a friend!

Get the expensive stuff – second hand!

gaming notebook to stream

Everyone loves tech right? but tech is expensive. I cringe when my brother mentions he is looking for a new webcam or mic. I want to get him the cool stuff because I know how much it will mean to him, but new gadgets and video games can kill the holiday budget. Second hand sites like Gumtree are rad in this regard. You can pick up some awesome specials on “pre-loved” games and even tech at a bargain. I’ve done two videos this year highlighting this. The first was a set up tour, with much of my gear available on Gumtree and the second was reminiscing about some of my favourite classic games and how you could find them on Gumtree:


If you shop carefully you can find rad video game bundles for consoles. You could even pick up a pair of V2 Razer Krakens for R1000

Make a little money

bet on CSGO games

If you’re concerned about gifting second hand goods or too lazy to rework something then the final solution is a spring clean. Get your old games together and the bits and bobs you no longer use and sell them on Gumtree. There are some nifty protection type features in the site to assist both sellers and buyers. This not only allows you to declutter before the new year hits but with your extra dosh you can go splurge on gifts for the ones you love!

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