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What You Need to Know Before Buying Smart Travel Luggage

Luggage is essential for people who travel. There are options with hidden compartments, swiveling wheels and durable exteriors, all intended to make traveling more convenient than usual. However, there’s also a relatively new entry in this marker: smart luggage. Here are things to keep in mind before buying it.

What Features Does Smart Luggage Offer?

track smart luggage

Many people might understandably wonder what advantages they could enjoy by investing in smart luggage. Some have GPS locators that work with apps, letting owners know where their luggage is if it gets lost. It’s even possible to buy the Modobag, carry-on luggage with telescoping handlebars, footrests and a memory foam seat. Those features let people ride on the bag when they get tired of walking. Additionally, Samsonite features a GeoTrakR collection of smart luggage with a device charger, plus an LED power level indicator.

Be Aware That Some Airlines Ban Certain Kinds of Smart Luggage

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At the start of 2018, major airlines banned smart luggage with non-removable lithium-ion batteries. They asserted if the batteries were punctured while luggage was in the cargo hold, the event could cause a fire. Today’s newest brands and models meet the removable power source requirement, but be careful if buying older items from sites like eBay. Bluesmart used to make smart luggage, but the company closed down because its battery didn’t come out. It’s also wise for buyers to investigate the process for taking out the battery. The more accessible it is, the easier it is to comply with the requests of airport personnel. Away, a well-known maker of smart bags, integrated its battery pack under the handle, making it quick to eject before boarding. Arlo Skye has a similar pop-out battery that doesn’t require opening the bag.

You Can Buy Smart Handbags, Too

Knomo Handbag

Most airlines let people bring a personal item in addition to their carry-on piece. Purses and laptop bags are two examples of items that usually qualify. A company called Lumzag specializes in smart luggage that’s backpack-size or smaller, meaning people could bring some of it in addition to hand luggage. Lumzag bags offer integrated lights that automatically turn on in dark settings, anti-theft and bag-open alerts, and wireless charging capabilities. Some models also have a built-in rearview camera that lets people know what’s going on behind them. That feature could be especially handy in busy cities where there’s a risk of pickpockets. Global Wi-Fi availability lets people connect to the internet wherever they are. That service doesn’t come with monthly charges, so it’s only necessary to activate as needed and expect to pay lower rates than buying access locally.

Is Smart Luggage Worth the Buy?

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Smart luggage is ideal for tech-savvy people, especially since most models have internal batteries and USB ports. If you buy a Barracuda bag, it doubles as a laptop table, which could boost travel productivity compared to hunching over and using the gadget while it sits on your lap during a long-haul flight. It’s also common for smart luggage to have ways to track the bag. However, buying a piece of smart luggage isn’t required to enjoy that feature. Several companies offer intelligent bag tags that work with either Bluetooth or GPS technology and can be used with any suitcase. Smart luggage is also typically more expensive than the standard kind. It could cost $1,000 or more depending on the size and brand bought. If you travel a lot, that expense may be well worth the money. If you only go on a few jaunts per year, you could reason it’s better to put the money toward a future trip instead of a smart bag.

It’s Smart to Think About Most-Needed Perks

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Since the number of manufacturers that make smart luggage is growing, consumers interested in them should make lists of the advantages they’d most like to have in their luggage. The carry-on bags made by Barracuda have collapsible styles, letting you stash them under a bed when empty. They also include handles that lock into one of six positions for optimal comfort while pulling or lifting them. Also, the Samsonite collection mentioned earlier offers exteriors that resist dirt and water stains. Although many smart luggage pieces are soft-sided, people who travel with delicate items frequently may prefer the hard plastic options. If you’re worried about the zipper breaking when you try to close the luggage, models made by Arlo Skye have a one-touch locking system instead of a zipper.

Travel Becomes More Tech-Friendly

5 tech travel trends

Regardless of whether or not people invest in smart luggage, it’s arguably easy to conclude it’s become increasingly straightforward to travel with gadgets. Now, people don’t have to hunt for power outlets or Wi-Fi hotspots because those things might be part of their luggage and always close at hand.

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