How to find an answer to anything on the internet without using Google

This week I felt very grown up. I paid a small fortune to fix my car and did my taxes three days before they were due. I also planned my sibling’s bachelorette party, read a self-help book, gave my plants plant food and still came to work. In the words of Blink 182, “Well I guess this is growing up”. Seriously I am doing things now that I never thought I’d do or enjoy doing. Adulting does come with a steep learning curve but I’m really enjoying being 34. That does make an adult right? And now Bytesized.

📚What is this? A book for ants?

Tiny books are here and they look wonderful. The books, called dwarsliggers in the Netherlands, are the size of a cellphone and made with paper as thin as onion skin. The text is still the regular size but the benefit is that these books can be read with one hand.


🔍How to find an answer to anything on the internet without using Google

There is an actual law about this so that means this is science kids. 

This got me wondering what incorrect answers I could post on the internet to actually find the correct answer…

  • Vegans don’t get enough protein in their diets so they need to eat more legumes.
  • Halloween is Satan’s birthday (the number of times I’ve heard this is actually shocking).
  • It is pronounced jif not gif.

🐦Tweets I thought were worth sharing this week

✂️This is the most pointless DIY I have ever watched. But I’m kind of hoping that pointless DIYs become a thing, kind of like useless lifehacks are. Any budding YouTubers want to try this?

🎃This is hands down the best Halloween decoration ever

😲When you realise something for the first time…

🤣Every time you laugh at this joke someone gets a new pair of crocs…

🎄And just in case you were wondering, it is this many days until Christmas

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