Instagram is down! Quick describe your breakfast to me.

Every now and then a social media site goes down and people lose their minds. Last week, Instagram stopped working for about 45 minutes, which got me thinking – where do people go when Facebook or Instagram goes down? And if you scroll down you will be able to find out. I’ve also found a selection of tweets that made me laugh out loud and share my latest favourite Twitter account find.

😠This woman rationalising with her dog is hilarious

Even though it is 2018 and everyone has a voice, Walter’s mom doesn’t like the tone he is taking with her.

🐮This really makes me want to stop eating beef

Who knew cows could play fetch? Don’t answer that. It is a rhetorical question.

🥂This bottle opener is living his best life

💖This is my new favourite Twitter account

A lot of people I follow have been RT some of these tweets so I checked out the account and was in stitches. This Twitter account gives better captions to New Yorker cartoons.

🐳Instagram went down and errybody turned to Twitter

On Wednesday, October 3rd, Instagram went down for a while (less than an hour). Your feed wouldn’t refresh and you got an “unable to refresh feed at this time” message. If you were on desktop, you got a server error.

So what caused the outage? 

People turned to Twitter and realised it wasn’t just them

And then everyone left and went back to the gram

So when Instagram goes down people go to Twitter, but when Facebook goes down, people actually go to news sites. 


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