Fortnite blamed for over 200 divorces

So even though I don’t agree with it at all, apparently a birthday month or week is a thing. And I know this because the people have spoken via a social media poll. So that makes it a fact. In other news, here’s what you may have missed on the interwebs this week.

⏰Well this is one way to ensure you wake up on time

I have an alarm clock that requires that I do maths before I can switch it off, and it has really helped me wake up earlier. But here is a contraption, an ejector bed, that would probably have a 100% success rate.

?The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Every year we get to celebrate the best in wildlife. And by best I mean when animals do funny and/or dumb stuff. You can view the entire collection here, but I’ve singled out the two below.

A hippo bites off more than it can chew or as I like to say (which means I stole it from Madagascar) “What’s a little nibble amongst friends?” 

wildlife funny hippos

Who wore it best? 

wildlife funny who did it best

new york magazine

?Food tweets that make so much sense right now

Mmmmm. Fooooood.

?Fortnite blamed for over 200 divorces

Last week I wrote about how you must watch the Daniel Sloss Netflix special and how his Jigsaw routine was responsible for breakups and divorces, well now he has competition. Fortnite has officially been blamed for over 200 divorces. 

So that got me wondering, what are other unusual reasons why people got divorced? Here are my findings:

?’s?=?So why exactly was #MarioKart trending on Twitter?

I clicked because I had to know and this was my reaction. If you want to avoid this reaction, I have kindly explained it using emoji. You’re welcome.


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