A birthday month is not a thing

Can someone please explain to me why a birthday month is a thing? The clue is in the name: birthDAY. You see it’s my birthday next week, and while I am no Grinch when it comes to celebrating birthdays, I don’t get why it should be a month of celebrations. This view probably has a lot to do with my age… but what will never get old is watching comedy, and I really recommend Daniel Sloss. All this and a bag of chips in this week’s Bytesized.

The face I make when it’s my actual birthday. 

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🦋Never stop never stopping believing in your dreams – Gandhi

It’s that time of the year where morale is pretty low and everyone is working for the December holidays. I find that looking at motivational quotes and memes really help.

🧠A fun fact that will blow your mind

A fun fact I learnt this week, and that I had never previously thought about, is that only four other mammals besides humans go through menopause. And they all live under the sea. The orca (killer whale), beluga, short-finned pilot whale and the unicorn of the sea, the narwhal.


narwhal tastefully offensive

Speaking of animals that go through menopause, here is one that doesn’t – the jaguar.

💬Me talk pretty one day aka how to speak delicious English

This kind of faux pa reminds me of Michael from The Office.

michael scott the office

📺WATCH THIS: Daniel Sloss on Netflix in a two-part special

It is no secret that I love comedy, especially inappropriate comedy. I laugh at all the things you shouldn’t. Netflix is a great place to watch stand up comedy (so far my favourites include Ricky Gervais Humanity, Jim Jefferies and Ali Wong) and when Daniel Sloss popped up I realised I had never heard of this guy before. I watched the trailer and then watched both episodes. Twice. On a school night.

The first deals with religion and death and the second relationships and vegans. He gets very real, very fast but does it in a laugh out loud way. So real and so funny that people have actually broken up or filed for divorce. But it is really good, so go and watch it.

ICYMI: Don’t ever wear strops with socks to a wedding. You’re not Kanye

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