transformers movie

There is a Transformers reveal at Comic Con and I’m your host!

I promised you three Comic Con reveals and this is the third and final one… but possibly the most cryptic because I can’t tell you much or I’ll ruin the fun!

Here’s what I can share: at the end of the year a brand new Transformers movie is dropping and it looks rather rad. The movie seems to be an Origins story for our beloved Bumblebee and I love that we now have a strong female lead jumping in (sorry Shia and Josh, it was time). The teaser trailer sees her working on her own car (because women can be mechanics) and tosses in some other awesome for good measure. Take a look at the teaser trailer released earlier this year:

The movie is set in 1987 (I was born that year – magic!) and I really think this is going to give the Transformers franchise a serious reboot. Travis Knight is the director and has built a reputation around his incredible stop motion films like ParaNorman. He understands the beauty of visual masterpieces but also the beauty of human connection which I think is already starting to be come through in the teaser trailer.

transformers movie

Which is why I am so incredibly excited to announce that I’ll be MCing a big reveal at Comic Con Africa on Friday the 14th of September. At 11am you need to be at the Hasbro stand because we have something rather special for you. And that’s all I’m actually allowed to say. But trust me when I tell you you don’t want to miss it. It is definitely going to be next level.

transformers movie

Back to the trailer though – I used to love the Transformers growing up. My brother had an Optimus Prime truck that turned into the transformer and I loved stealing it from him playing with it. I’m really hoping this new movie will be a nod in the direction of the original Transformers many of us grew up with as kids and find some of the magic that first movie had. It is out end of the year but, like I said, if you need a little taste of awesome you know where to be on Friday ?

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