We could do with more heroes! An Omen by HP and Tech Girl collab

This event is hosted in collaboration with Omen by HP

Before I begin… watch this:

Today I get to announce something I’ve been working on for awhile. I’m so incredibly excited to invite you to be a hero with me at Comic Con 2018 alongside Omen by HP.

No matter your gaming ability, every single one of you is a hero. And now you have a chance to join me in proving it.

At Comic Con 2018 Omen by HP is going to allow you an incredible opportunity to help me push the payload. Every single day we’ll be jamming Overwatch on the Omen stand and you get to join us. But there is more, so much more.

Each day, for an hour, 10 players will join me (a game each) as we play some Overwatch. Every player will receive their own dabbing T-Rex snapback as designed by Sean Izaakse (these are sold out and will only be available at Comic Con, for free, to those heroes on the Omen by HP stand). They’ll also receive some pretty awesome Omen by HP prizes. Oh, but it goes further, so much further.

Sean will be on the Omen by HP stand with me every day. Not only will he be able to sign your caps but anyone who visits the stand during the hour we play, to watch the action, could get their hands on a signed print from Sean (he will also be available to sign his work if you own some so feel free to bring it along). It doesn’t end there though.

Blizzard has also decided to support our heroes. Spectators who come to support can walk away with an Overwatch goodie bag. Take a look at this:

You will only be able to get your hands on one of these at the stand.

Finally, of course, fans who come to enjoy the action will also stand a chance to get their hands on a stack of rad Omen by HP merchandise.

Basically, there is a giant Overwatch party at the Omen by HP stand and you’re all invited. If you don’t want to play and rather want to geek out over one of the biggest comic book artists in South Africa, you can. Or you can jam. You choose.

But how do you play?

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Or just want to jam some Overwatch at Comic Con and walk away with a limited edition signed cap and other goodies? Today is your lucky day! 10 lucky players, per day, will have a chance to get behind a PC and try capture the point with me.

The times are as follows:

Friday 14 September: 1 to 2pm on the OMEN by HP stand

Saturday 15 September: 1 to 2pm on the OMEN by HP stand

Sunday 16 September: 11 to 12pm on the OMEN by HP stand

Now listen closely

Each day the first game will be with 5 pre-registered players. The second game will be 5 players randomly selected from the crowd. Crowd selection is completely random and therefore anyone lucky enough to be there could play. However, to guarantee a spot (and a signed cap as well as Omen by HP prize) you can pre-register.

Any level of player can pre-register (even if you’ve never played). You will need to already be at Comic Con  (I, unfortunately, cannot get you tickets) on your chosen day. You need to fill this form in:

[contact-form-7 id=”22152″ title=”#TGxOmenbyHP”]

I will notify the 15 players by Tuesday the 11th of September. To double your chances of being one of our heroes be sure to jump on social media and tag me as well as Omen by HP – get our attention! Use the hashtag #TGxOmenbyHP so we can spot you.

A special thanks to Omen by HP, Blizzard and Sean Izaakse for making this possible. Overwatch party at the Omen stand every day of Comic Con? HELL YEAH! 


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