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Travel a lot? This makeup palette is for you

Makeup is still pretty new to me and a scary space for me to play in. With the amount of travelling I’m now doing I’m also struggling. Bag space is premium and giant make up bags, various palettes of all the things and brushes take up a bit more than I’ve bargained for. I recently broke my favourite highlighter after the plastic covering got squished in a bag. It meant that all my clothes came out looking like I’d frequented a strip club, with a soft glitter glow everywhere, and the beloved highlighter was immediately tossed. Okay I lie, I’ve figured out a way to store it but it will no longer be allowed to travel. RIP.

When Urban Decay launched their Backtalk palette I had to have it.

makeup palette

The moment the palette was announced I added it to my geeky wish list and, when it finally was stocked in the local Urban Decay online store I put it in my cart. There are a few reasons I’m actively telling you about this product:

✈️ If you travel lots, or move around from your significant other’s to your house a lot, this is a winner.

? If you’re not big on owning a million makeup bottles, palettes, pencils and what not – you’ll be interested.

? If you don’t wear a lot of make up and prefer to keep it natural with a slight glam up in the evenings – keep reading. 

makeup palette

The Backtalk palette is a bunch of makeup in one, not just an eyeshadow. So you have one side that has a host of eyeshadows but the other side has four shades of blush and highlighter. So, you’ve got an eyeshadow palette, a selection of blushes and a selection of highlighters in one. The palette also has little mirrors to help you along. It doesn’t include brushes (I love Urban Decay brushes to obviously I was a little sad) but I think that had more to do with keeping the palette small and compact enough to ensure it is travel friendly.

makeup palette

So the travel bit and compact stuff makes sense but the real reason this is something I love is because it is ideal if you’re not big on makeup. Yes, I’ve learnt what highlighter is now but my usual style is still very minimalistic. I prefer nude and beige tones. Keeping it simple and natural is my philosophy and the Backtalk palette feeds right in to that. The eyeshadow colours are a mix between pinky nudes and slight copper shimmers. There are some more “brown” based mattes which work well and then some gorgeous metallics to take a look from day to night. The blush and highlighters are designed to compliment the eyeshadows so it all works really well together.

makeup palette

There is also a backtalk lip colour you can grab but it is almost never in stock anywhere. So I’m waiting patiently for that one!

makeup palette

I’m telling you about this palette because it was everything I imagined it would be and more. It fits my life well and hopefully, it may work for you too. Also the colours last a full day. No fading. Woohoo!

Disclosure: I did order the Backtalk palette online but it sold out as my purchase was going through. The Urban Decay team did assist in sourcing me one as I was currently overseas and couldn’t get in to store. 

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