There’s an Airbnb for swimming pools

After the time I had last week, I am so happy to report that this week has been great. A friend got me a printer’s tray and I am so excited to fill it up. I collect a lot of crap trinkets and this is the perfect way to display it. I have one that is in Maurice’s room (my chinchilla) but he has helped himself and chomped a lot of it. He has commandeered my Sid the Sloth and My Little Pony. So this one will go in the passage. I already have LEGO Angry Birds pigs thanks to said friend. This has made my week. Moving on, here is all the interweb news I think you need to know about.

still life with pigs
Still life with pigs – these pigs make me so happy!

?This game is so much fun you’ll actually forget you’re really doing maths

I suck at doing calculations. I like to tell myself I just don’t feel like working out the answers, but truth be told I’m not that great. My alarm clock is currently set so that I have to answer sums before it switches off, and even then I’m counting on my fingers.

calculator the game

Enter Calculator: The Game. The aim is to get to a certain number, using the keys provided in a certain number of moves. It is a fun way to train your brain and improve your math skills. I got to level 14 the other night and didn’t even realise that time had flown by.

Get Calculator: The Game on Android or iOS.

?Will the real Twitter Warren Buffett please stand up

I’ve noticed a few tweets from a WarrenBuffet99 on my timeline with some rather great advice but realised it wasn’t THE Warren Buffet (he has a verified Twitter account). That got me thinking, does it really matter? Are people RTing it because it is good advice or because they think it is Mr Buffett himself or a bit of both? The account already has over 200k followers while the real Buffett has 1.4m.


?Insta Novels are now a thing

If you’ve never wasted a couple of hours watching Instastories until the early hours of the morning have you actually really lived? Stories come in a few formats (questions, polls, ratings, etc.) but the New York Public Library has just created something new.

alice insta novel cover

The Insta Novel is a book you read in stories. The first is Alice in Wonderland which is one of my favourite books of all time (so much so that I collect several different versions of it).  The NYPL is releasing it in parts.

alice in wonderland insta novel

?There’s an Airbnb for swimming pools

Swimply connects pool owners with swimmers. You look for a pool in your chosen area, select an available date and voila you can go swimming in someone else’s pool. There are different rates for weekdays and weekends (the cheapest starts at $40/R560). From what I could see this is only available in North America, but like Airbnb, this will probably catch on.

swimply airbnb for swimming pools


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