streamer mic review

The Razer Seiren X mic is great for streamers and travelling

I’ve felt like every blog post I’ve written over the last few weeks always starts with “I am/I have been/ in the Ukraine for the last few weeks.” But, I’ve been in the Ukraine for the last few weeks and a lot of my posts link back to that. So suck it up, deal with it, etc.

I really wanted to stream while I was in Kiev but my Razer Seiren mic is a big boy. I have the original large mic. Because I do not trust airlines at all, I’m far too terrified to risk my gadgets in my check in luggage and thus cart them all in my carry on. The mic was just too big to take a long. For Season 1 of Contenders I just used my headset mic, which was fine but not ideal. This time, I brought along a little something that made the world of difference.

The Razer Seiren X

streamer mic review

The Razer team originally offered to send the Razer Seiren X to me in season 1. However, there were a few issues shipping it to me in the Ukraine, thus the headset mic. This time though, the South African team got it to me a few days before I left and I’m so glad they did! For starters, I’m streaming a lot more while here so having a “proper” mic was a big help. Also, I think once you’ve travelled with the Seiren X, you truly appreciate what a fab addition it is to any streaming set up.

streamer mic review

The mic and stand comes apart so you’re left with three pieces and a USB connection. This makes packing it in your hand luggage multitudes easier (as well as mounting it in a home studio if need be). It is extremely easy to set up and I really did love how compact it was. The stand is solid and somewhat heavier so I popped that in my check in but kept the mic and USB with me. It definitely didn’t add much weight to my bag.


streamer mic review

The mic is very much plug and play but you can fiddle with various settings if you wish. It has a volume knob and mute button on it. The USB cable I keep referring to is all you need – just plug it in and you’re good to go. There is also a zero-latency 3.5mm headphone monitoring port if you prefer to have your voice in your ears to confirm what you sound like. The mic itself is shock resistant which is a big plus if you plan to be mobile, because it will likely be knocked around a bit. There is a built in shock mount. There is also a condenser mic for streaming and the mic utilises a supercardioid pick up pattern. This means background sound is reduced and the sound it recorded at a tighter angle.

streamer mic review

I’ve been using the Seiren X for 5 weeks now and, if I’m honest, it might replace my larger Seiren at home – just because it takes up less space and is so much easier to pack away. The price is attractive as well. The Razer Seiren X retails for around R1600 and is available at most of the big PC retailers. Definitely worth the spend if you’re an aspiring gaming streamer or YouTuber.

Disclosure: I am the South African Brand Ambassador for Razer. 

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