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How to Create Your Own Snapchat Filter

While some of you might be on that IG Stories craze, there is still a vibrant community on Snapchat and creating your own Snapchat filter is a wonderful way to showcase special occasions. It’s possible for anyone to design and set their own Snapchat geofilter, a location-based graphics interface within a photo or video on Snapchat that often features the name of a city, town or geographically relevant event.

Follow these three steps to make your own Snapchat filter for an upcoming event, or to celebrate your hometown.

Create the Design

Creating the design of your own Snapchat filter requires Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. A variety of tutorials are on YouTube to help you get familiar with either program.  Additionally, Snapchat provides templates for both programs — .psd for Photoshop and .ai for Illustrator — via their Community Filter Submission Guidelines page. So, you don’t have to be an Illustrator or Photoshop expert to make a great Snapchat filter.

Some examples of eye-catching Snapchat filter designs include:

snapchat filter
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Snapchat provides the optimal specifications and details of the design in this infographic:

snapchat filter
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As shown, your submissions should be a web-optimized, transparent PNG file that is 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels high. The file size should be below 300kb. Remember to leave a buffer zone at the top and bottom of the phone and avoid borders.

Abide by Graphics Specifications

You should be aware of several factors to ensure Snapchat accepts your filter. First, you can only use logos or trademarks if it’s a college or university logo, and you are an authorized official from the school. Otherwise, no logos or trademarks are allowed. Hashtags and photographs are also prohibited. Snapchat wants you to make the design relevant to the location or moment, capturing something people want to see. For business, it’s more optimal to create sponsored content on Snapchat.

If the artwork’s relevance does not speak for itself, include a good description within the submission of the filter’s geographical significance. Snapchat has a history of meanness and abuse from some users, so Snapchat must verify your filter is not offensive or antagonistic. Ensure no crucial elements or text are within the buffer zone of the filter, which is 210px from the top and bottom.

You can submit your design here.

Designate a Geofence

It’s also essential to create a geofence for your Snapchat filter, which designates the locations where your filter will be available for Snapchat users to utilize. After uploading your filter, a prompt will show up to choose the area, which looks like this:

snapchat filter
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Snapchat also requires an explanation for why the location is meaningful and relevant to the filter. Feel free to reference the relevance however you like, whether it’s for a specific event or something historically related to the location. Snapchat will also ask for your name and email, so they can notify you regarding the decision to accept or reject your Snapchat filter.

Final Steps

Once you’re happy with your filter, double check Snapchat’s specifications before submitting. As for the location, Snapchat recommends you choose an area where people are likely to gather and send Snaps. If you follow Snapchat’s recommendations and create an aesthetically pleasant filter relevant to its location, they will likely approve your filter.

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