Revlon Holochrome nail varnish

Tech accessories to match your nail polish (yes, seriously!)

Towards the end of last year Revlon launched their Holochrome Collection. I immediately fell in love with holographic effects. The chrome finishes reminded me so much of the aluminium finishes we’re seeing on smartphones and notebooks. I shared the Revlon varnishes earlier in the year when they arrived, but I’ve finally had time to give them a whirl. I’m not very good at applying nail varnish. Let’s get that out the way immediately. I tend to follow a 3 to 4 week cycle of heading to a salon and applying gel nails. My own nails are also really thin so gel gives them some extra “support” so to speak. However, for the sake of this blog I used the Revlon products and I was really impressed.

Revlon Holochrome nail varnish

The varnish felt thick on my nails and, because of this, somewhat stronger. The Holographic polish refracts light so you get that 3D rainbow look while the Chrome varnish has that metal type finish. I went with two specific colours: Unicornicopia and Molten Magic. Why? Because they reminded me of my current tech obsession and matched the colours so damn well! There are 8 shades in the Holochrome range but those were my two favourites. Unfortunately, photographing nails is not my strong point. However, it is one of the many talents of The Happy Sloths, a Canadian beauty blog I recently found and LOVE! I chatted to Jasmine and she graciously said I could use her shots. So take a look at my two preferred shades on her nails (you can see the other shades over here on Happy Sloths):

Revlon Unicornicopia
Unicornicopia <3
Revlon molten magic
Molten Magic

Earlier in this post I mentioned that the colours reminded me so much of the latest tech and gadgets we’ve been seeing. The two colours I chose, specifically, seem to be on trend right now. I’m seeing more tech accessories that employ the colours and finishes for something a bit funky and different. I’ve found 3 of my favourites to illustrate my point.

This Nintendo Switch Skin

iJustine posted this on Instagram awhile back and the moment I saw it I was like WANT. While she doesn’t share the where, what and how, I’m presuming it is a wrap. I’ve seen similar Zelda and Splatoon themed stickers that can be applied to your dock for a different effect. I can only assume this is one of those. But how funky is it? The colour combination works so well and ideally I’d love to see JoyCons in a similar colour effect (as opposed to plain white) because I think I’d be the first in line to purchase.

The Knomo laptop sleeve

Knomo handbags are my vice. Their laptop range is divine as are their smaller purses and handbags. In 2016 when my laptop and laptop bag were stolen I think I was more devastated that I lost the Knomo bag! The quality of their products is out of this world and I do love how they combine class and sophistication with the tech aspect. The bags are designed to protect your gadgets and do that first and foremost… but look good doing it. Anyway, this particular laptop sleeve isn’t available in South Africa but I’m obsessed with how they use the colour combination. That brushed aluminium silver chrome look can sometimes come across really cheap and tacky. It doesn’t in the nail varnish and it sure doesn’t come across that way on the laptop sleeve. I also love the purple interior for a pop of colour. The nifty handle is a plus as well because you aren’t forced to carry a laptop bag but rather just the sleeve and your usual handbag.

Razer Mercury Edition

Even the hardcore gamers are apparently on trend ?! The Mercury addition is a white and silver finish to Razer’s best gaming peripherals that reminds me so much of the Molten Magic nail colour. Basically, Razer took their best gaming mouse, keyboard, headset and mousepad and changed up the colour a little bit. The finish is clean, unique and adds a little glamour to your gaming rig. Also, the best part about Razer is the Chroma customisation. So you can set your backlights to purple and suddenly you’re channeling Unicornicopia. Clever right?

Seems Revlon hit the nail on the head with their new range and I’m so stoked to have these colours in my collection – especially since they add a bit of a futuristic funk to your day. Now I just need to get my hands on the accessories above and it will be Unicornicopia (seriously, don’t you love that name?) Molten Magic Mayhem.

What do you think? Is the purple silver craze on trend or have I lost my marbles? Let me know in the comments below. Also, weigh in, am I painting my nails with Molten Magic or Unicornicopia next?

DISCLOSURE: I was sent the two Revlon nail colours to test out. 

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