Stork gets robbed of GPS sim card, charity left with R36k phone bill

On Wednesday I returned from a board game-vino-hiking-good-food filled Drakensburg getaway and it does wonders for the soul. I made Gluwein and Oxtail. I really like working, I wouldn’t call myself a workaholic but others may. The best thing about this year so far is that I’ve been lucky enough to go away a few times. I’ll never forget after a particularly stressful year at a New Year’s party everyone was asked what their highlight for the year was and all I could think of was that “I worked”. Never again. And speaking of highlights, I’ve found what I think is the best news story of the year.


If you didn’t get the emoji above, what I’m trying to say is that a stork with a tracking device flew to Sudan where the Polish charity responsible for the project,  lost signal. The sim card was taken from the stork and placed in someone’s phone and was used to make more than 20 hours’ worth of calls, which cost $2700 (R36K). There is no word from the stork.

not that stork

The best example I have ever found of the image not matching the story is this one from a local newspaper:

not this dog

The article is about mango flies in pets and the caption reads “The dog pictured does not have mango fly but was visiting the vet for another reason”. So I guess this pug didn’t want to be mango fly shamed. Also how unimpressed does that pug look?

Last week I shared a video about being too woke and on that very Friday, I learned about something called BDE.

?Word of the week: BDE

I struggle to keep up with the word on the street (do the youth even use that anymore) and I often ask my official youth explainer @B_Masihleho what stuff means.

So to clarify, it means that you talk the talk AND have the walk to back it up. You can bark and bite. I could do this all day… Try using it in a sentence today to get a feel for it.

?Sell me something weird or confusing

The folks that brought us The Useless Web, a site that takes you to a useless website, have come up with a new project called Sell Me Something Weird or Confusing. As the name suggests, when you click a button you’ll be taken to a page where you can buy something weird or confusing. I tested it out three times and got this:


1. A unicorn hat for your very happy cat 2. A yodeling pickle 3. Goats in trees calendar

Fun Fact: my friend loves goats so for her birthday this year, I actually got her this calendar. This calendar also has one of the best reviews ever.

amazon calendar review

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