plastic straw conversation

The Plastic Straw Conversation We Should Be Having

No doubt you’ve likely seen a post somewhere on social media about why you should be saying no to plastic straws. Hell, I found one in the drafts section of the blog that Chani had started smashing out. The push to rid our world of unnecessary plastic is everywhere. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a post rehashing why you should give up plastic straws.  If you want to read up on the reasons check out this post on NBC News. If you would rather have the information fed to you in video form, go watch this video from Global Citizen.

Enter Le Famished Cat

plastic straw conversation

I’m not here to give you a talking to, demand you change your ways or point out that according to my friend Cat the City of Johannesburg has actually made it compulsory for residents to recycle in their households (though I’m yet to see this enforced or even communicated so I’m hoping they actually go through with it). Nope, I’m actually here to introduce you to someone who is not only making a difference but has found a great way to save the environment AND be an entrepreneur. My friend Cat. Yes, same one. Stay with me.

I’ve known Cat for a few years. She reached out to me when I first started blogging and recently I watched her start her own blog called Le Famished Cat. It is this incredible space on the internet where she shares amazing recipes, yummy places to eat and just generally delicious content you’ll want to get behind. Seriously, look at this girl’s Instagram feed:

Cat has been pushing plastic straw alternatives for some time. However, she recently introduced her own range of Copper straws that work as a perfect alternative. I was always put off of the idea of carrying around my own straws to restaurants and the like. It seems kind of gross right? That’s why I like what Cat is offering. You get a pack of 6 straws with a stainless steel cleaning brush. Copper is a clever choice as it is naturally antimicrobial and helps fight bacteria, fungi and viruses.

plastic straw conversation

I’ve always used this blog to promote women that inspire me and Cat is one of them. She’s seen a very real problem in our world and found a great solution. I also love the product – it is simple, stylish and can ultimately be recycled as well. Winning all round right?

If you want to do your bit for the environment and also help a creator out, then head on over to Le Famished Cat for more information on where and how to purchase your own Final Straw product. I also think she may be running a giveaway on her Facebook page if you want to try score a freebie 😉

All photos on this post were courtesy of Le Famished Cat and owned by her. I’ve watermarked to try stop folks from stealing. 


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