The perfect tech tip for hanging wall art – no screwdrivers required

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One of the things I love is art. You know what I don’t like? Hanging art up. I’m absolutely horrible with a screwdriver, hammer and nails. In fact, when I moved in to my new spot I tried to put a Hilti nail into the wall without realising it was reinforced. There is a GIANT hole behind one of my pictures and every time I look at it I shudder. I have no clue how to fill it because I think it is too severe for polyfilla. Added to that, if you happen to rent you’re likely a little bit nervous about drilling into the walls. Most rental agreements actually state you can’t. While you could go drill crazy and polyfilla up when you leave, that means the new tenant or landlord is going to be responsible for painting over your blobs.

After a few holes and confusion I’ve figured out a solution that might help you out:


Right, word of warning, not any double sided tape will do. You need to buy the heavy-duty industrial stuff. Your local hardware should have a roll as should a few online stores. You’re going to need to splurge on the good stuff though. You need to make sure it can hold up your art so ensure it says it can on the packaging. You want the good stuff that claims a roll can hold 120kg. Place a generous amount of tape on the back of your canvas and then stick it up. I usually use a light pencil and mark a line with a spirit level to ensure it is straight when I place it. Both my pictures in my study are printed on PVC plastic and have stayed up using tape.

If you happen to to rent property it likely means that at some point you’ll want to leave. Taking down tape can be an issue as sometimes it pulls off the canvas and remains stuck on the wall. Also if you pull it off the wall it can also remove chunks of the paint from on the wall which is a bit of a problem. Never fear, I have another nifty tip for you.


ghd Wanderlust travel hairdryer
Confused? Simply switch your hairdryer on to its highest setting and run the hot air on the edges of the tape. It melts the glue and makes it easy to remove. This is also the best way to remove vinyl wall art. Rather than peeling and leaving behind all those bits and edges, just blow the hairdryer on the vinyl and watch it bubble up and off. Easy!

If you can try purchase “lightweight” art. I buy most of mine online but try ensure it is a wooden framed canvas as it keeps the art light and easier to hang. But, like I mentioned, the PVC finishes stayed up with double sided tape, so that does work. If you have any other suggestions you think I should take a look at then please let me know in the comments below. I’m always looking for clever home hacks to help me and you, so do share!

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