But first, let me take a selfie. On #NationalSelfieDay. Uber could soon detect if you are drunk, make social media pretty again and more in this week’s Bytesized. It’s everything you need to know to sound hip (do the youth say hip?).


Thursday 21st June was #NationalSelfieDay which funnily enough occurred everywhere making it international. But then that’s the internet for you. The idea is that we need a day for selfies because apparently, selfies don’t have enough awareness.

?Does my nose look big in this?

Side note: it was also National Yoga Day. Do with that what you will.

?The only selfies I care about are animal selfies

Because I’ve gone about it so much recently, here is a link to the selfie the monkey took all by itself. 

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??Uber will soon be able to tell if you’re drunk BEFORE they arrive

Uber recently applied for a patent that would help determine the state of a passenger. Checking on changes like location, data input and even the angle at which you hold your phone, could help Uber determine if you are drunk.

But for a lot of people, that is what they use Uber for (I wouldn’t know of course, but I’ve heard some people mention this).  It is a relatively safe ride home after a big night out. But on the plus side at least Uber drivers could avoid drunk people puking in their cars. I once asked an Uber driver if this had ever happened and he replied more often than you’d think.

?Here are some tweets I thought were worth resharing this week

?Now this is a shaming system I could get behind 

?Lost in translation 

?Don’t ever mess with this crab


?Make social media pretty again

I’ve used Adobe Spark a few times to create videos and would recommend it. Although I’m not allowed to call them videos but must instead use the term animated slide show. Our videographer at work has a real degree and experience in the field, and we’ve decided there needs to be levels. I am currently on the animated slideshow level.


Adobe has just released Spark Post for Android Beta (it was available on iOS a while ago). And it will change the way you post on social media. Basically, it will make your social media posts better. There are loads of different templates to choose from but my favourite part is that it has all the social media sizes including Instagram Stories!

spark post

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