The Staircase: the series you have to binge watch THIS weekend

Since starting Bytesized almost three years ago, I have only ever missed one. And that one happened just over a year ago when I had to have my appendix removed. I have never experienced pain like that and hope that I will never have to. There is usually always something to say and I have a list of funnies lined up, but this week has thrown me a series of steep learning curves. So like you did at school, I am researching this the night before. Here’s what I thought was worth sharing.

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? The non-Olympic sport of cheese rolling

A co-worker told me about this and I had to ask if I heard correctly. There is such a thing as a cheese rolling contest. A giant wheel of cheese is rolled down a hill and then willing participants roll down the same hill in an attempt to get the cheese. If you catch the cheese, you win.

?A little birdie…some great tweets I liked this week

?There is not a more humbling experience than catching a glimpse of yourself with the front camera when you are not ready.

?I am a few years away from this milestone and this is already true.

?This will never get old.

?Binge watch this: The Staircase

It’s going to be rather chilly this weekend, with a possibility of snow in the Western Cape and that means it is the perfect weather to binge watch.

Last weekend I watched The Staircase, the latest true crime offering from Netflix and it did not disappoint. I was going to alternate between watching episodes and doing work, but Saturday was a write-off.

It follows the trial of an author who is accused of killing his wife. The plot continues to thicken until the very last episode. You will flip between guilty and innocent, and not to give anything away, but I am still not sure. Also once you are done, Google “the staircase owl theory“.

This 2005 hit gets an 80’s spin

I liked Fall Out Boy when they first came out and no one really knew who they were (yes I’m a hipster like that and need to state this even though no one cares). I have seen them live twice, once in SA and the other in Taiwan, where I went with my BFF and surprisingly they were playing in a small venue. It was like they were playing for us. ? Point is I am a fan and this 80’s style cover version is awesome.

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